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Appetite Without High?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by SusanG1966, May 30, 2013.

  1. Hi.  I'm new, and doing research.  My sweetheart has stage 4 pancreatic cancer (with mets to liver and spine).  Right now he's on morphine for pain, but since he started that he's gotten muscle spasms in his lower back, and it's killed what little appetite he had to begin with.  He barely nibbles anything each day, some days I can't even get him to take a bite of anything.  Before this he ate health-consciously, and ran several miles a day.  Now it hurts to walk to the mailbox, and standing still anywhere is very painful.  He's surviving on pain meds, vitamins, water (sometimes with Gatorade), and on occasion a protein (whey powder) shake made in whole milk.  Since mid-Feb, he's lost 30lbs.
    We were in the hospital this Memorial weekend, for a liver blockage not malnutrition, and when we inquired about Marinol the nurse recommended that he apply for an OMMP card.  I love gardening, and we could grow it easily at home.  He won't smoke; he quit cigarettes 3yrs ago and is adamant about not smoking.  So, I though I could cook it, then I read about this RSO, and that sounds promising.  Another concern he has is getting high, he doesn't care for the sensation, and would like to be more alert.  Personally, I wouldn't have an issue with him being high, he's already groggy with the morphine and has trouble staying with a line of thought anyway.  But he doesn't want the high.
    So, I guess my question is, can he get the benefit of increased appetite, without the high?  Any pain relief would be good too, he'd love to be able to wean off the pills.

  2. What state are you in?
  3. We're in Southern Oregon.
  4. I recommend getting a vaporizer which is working without smoke, but as fast as smoke. No tar or lingering smell at all.
    Growing it yourself after getting a MMP card is not a good idea because it takes at least 8 weeks for fastest varieties. Requires a lot of knowledge and work and you might end up with wrong variety. Best way is to drive to where the legal dispensary in your state is and ask for variety for what you want, high appetite, but low high.
    I very much sympathize with you as I've recently survived a stage 3 cancer after a transplant and I wish I started using medical marijuana earlier. The thing is I didn't want to smoke it and didn't have a vaporizer. I only got my California card recently because I suffer from physical effects and the psychological issues after being sick.

    I highly recommend asking the dispensary for what variety to buy because they do exist. First general option is to ask for Indica variety. Indica usually causes calmness, muscle relaxation, sleepiness, and appetite. There are many varieties, but you'd have to ask. I only tried blackberry and Romulan which were pure Indica.

    If the high even in little quantities is undesirable then there is a variety I tried called Harlequin. It is a hybrid with mostly Indica. Has THC under 5% compared to standard 10% - 20% or more, but has CBD up to 8%. CBD is what causes body feel similar to even light opioid like vico or oxy, but very light. It also has almost no high. Another variety for this is called Catatonic Tonic, or Catatonia, which has even more CBD.
    In my opinion every person who is sick should try medical marijuana, or even smoke it for stress reduction , especially if they're sick .

    Remember though, if you have not tried Marijuana products before, many new users buy Marijuana infused THC food otherwise known as "Edibles" I've tried them many times. Ate too much one time, another time it was just unpleasant, other times took too long to act, and too long to stop working. They're often new users first choice because they think food is necessarily safer or better. But most people here will confirm that vaporizing is best, if smoking is not an option.

    My cancer caused me a lot of cough back then and I couldn't cause more cough by smoking. My friend had sportier allied Volcano. If you can afford it, it is the best. Made in Germany, has warranty, uses top materials, uses hot air to create vapor. But it is anywhere from $300 for an old model to $1000 for new. I bought one of the first and American made Magic Flight Launch Box. It is a pocket size individual vaporizer which works on battery. It has excellent reviews everywhere, lifetime warranty, and is made in San Diego.

    Second good option if you want something that can create more vapor with a quality vaporizer that plugs into the outlet and creates works faster I recommend Vapor Brothers Vaporizer. It is made simple but everyone who has it says itis very good. It is about average $160 to $180 with all the accessories.
  5. RSO will let him get off the morphine with time. Start slowly with it & he shouldn't experience the high. Starting dosage of 1/2 the size of a grain of rice 3 times per day, double the dose every 4 days until he gets on to 1 gram per day. Monitor his pain level regularly and he should be able to get off the morphine in about 6 weeks, reducing it gradually. This is not a time to go cold turkey.
    Best of luck to you!!! 

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