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Appetite loss?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by williamsmark, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. I used to smoke fairly often when I was in HS about 20 years ago. Now that I've started medicating on a near daily basis for the past 5 weeks I've lost 15-20 pounds. I was a little overweight, and even with a 15-20# loss I feel I can go an additional 10 pounds until I'm what I consider my healthy weight. When I'm medicated I just don't feel the need to eat. I often skip breakfast and/or lunch and have a light healthy snack or two during the day. My activity level, if anything, as an average has probably decreased just a little bit. This doesn't seem normal to me, I mean munchies are a very common side effect to ingesting mj. Has anyone else had this happen to them?
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  2. Please don't ask me how this works, lol. I have read some of the supporting science,but what I really know is my own experience. I am overweight, made worse by a broken femur and spine surgeries. In my first 6 months on cannabis I was getting off a pile of prescription drugs eating comfort food and still lost about 10% of my body weight. 6 Months later, I continue to loose, I am eating less with fewer cravings. More than loss, it feels like my body is normalizing. Cannabis can have a big effect on hormone regulation in the best way, I have lower blood sugar and better appetite control. So don't be scared, enjoy it as long as you are feeling well and listening to your body ..... And maybe consider what your Doctor has to say? He'll probably cheer your weight loss!
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  3. If you're male and/or were fairly heavy that weight loss doesn't sound alarming. When you're eating healthy I don't think you go off the deep end with chips or sugar. If you feel ill and that the weight loss is unwarranted I'd see a physician. Good luck.
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  4. you know besides my resent struggles with pot which my forum for my issue if anyone has any helpful advice. recently when I smoke I found I really enjoy exercising I think it's because my brain shuts off and my cursed ADD always has me waiting to do something, but I've found the more I smoke the more I exercise. the more I exercise the more normal my body feels and the more I realize I don't need to eat as much as I do. so in this since yes. I used to get crazy munchies growing up. maybe it's a tolerance thing. who knows?
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