Apparently Osama bin Laden was growing some Afgan Kush at his compound..

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  1. I hope they don't try to link pot smokers with "terrorists" now.
  2. prolly had Bin bags full of it

    edit - sorry i just realised how unfunny this was pls neg rep me if u can :(
  3. osama just chilled in his cave for 10 years smoking fat til we found him.
  4. No wonder he always looked kinda gone.
  5. People already have before, they've blamed us for doing drugs instead of the Gov. and their draconian policies.
  6. shit's everywhere in Afghanistan, bet Pakistan grows a good deal of bud as well
  7. I don't understand how some Easterners can smoke pot and be so hateful and violent. :confused:
  8. [ame=]YouTube - 3 6 Mafia - Bin Laden Weed[/ame]
  9. So I guess Sunday night Bin Laden and his crew were smoking blunts and playing Black Ops when there was a knock at the door. His crew jumped for the guns but Bin Laden stopped them:

  10. see! i told you he smokes a lot of hash!
  11. must have been some killer bud....
  12. Ah, so the courier they followed to Osama was really working for a marijuana delivery service.
  13. lol, they already do. because all that bud you buy obviously comes from afghanistan.

  14. [ame=]YouTube - America's Drug Habit Funds Terrorism & Terrorists Video PSA[/ame]
  15. Legalize it and it won't fund anything but AMERICA.
  16. Wait didn't Bin Laden need a dialysis?

    He was probably toking for medicinal reasons.:cool: :smoke:
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    It could have been the people working there or living nearby smoking it. More likely it was to sell.

    But wow, the ignorance in the comments under the story in the link is beyond sad.

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