Appalachian Trail 2015

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  1. I posted here a while back about how I'm planning to thru hike the appalachian trail this year. There were a few people who asked about me blogging on my hike so I wanted to post the link to my blog now that I have it up and running. I'm starting northbound on March 1st, 17 more days! If anyone is interested in following me on this journey feel free to keep an eye on my blog, I'll be posting journal entries as well as photos and a lot of vidoes/vlogs. 

    Stay easy while I'm gone everyone!

  2. That's awesome. I'm jealous. An acquaintance of mine is doing a thru hike in about 15 days also.

    Good luck!
  3. Nice
    You have a trail name? I'm Boomerang. I've done 40%. The middle from Waynesboro VA to Hanover NH
    Maybe I will see you up north this fall. I'm doing northbound from Springer in April. Gonna see how much I can do. Looking at the month if I can.
    Congrats. I will follow it.
    Whatever you do...dont stop walking.
  4. Good luck, man. I'm going to do a portion of the PCT this summer. I can't get more than two or three weeks off, unfortunately, so I won't be doing a thru hike any time soon. :(
  5. I wanna go, lol fuck following a blog 😉

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  6. Nothin on your blog.
    You go?

    Just bought a train ticket to Staunton VA. Shuttle to Rockfish Gap via Trail Angel Pam.
    I couldn't do the whole month because of work so no Springer yet. Gonna do fro RF Gap to Pearisburg, VA.
    226. Should be about two weeks depending on how chilly the days begin. Or if there is snow.
    I should be over 50% when I finish the section. Good start for the spring. Should be at 80% by September.

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