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Apollo lights and ballast

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by KYGrow, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. I have the same exact one in my Cart ready to check out lol. I can't decide between this kit and or the ipower kit with the air cooled hood for 200 something
  2. Same, i went with this one (Apollo) because it looks awesome.

    The ipower light should be just as good, i almost went with that one because i like the hood a little more and it was a few bucks cheaper, but both should do the same exact thing.
  3. Are you keeping that reflector in that kit or upgrading?
  4. And what size tent and what strains bro?
  5. I decided to go with they were more expensive, but I don't want to burn my house down just to save $30. Saving money gets counterproductive at a certain point. I'll let you guys know how the equipment is once it arrives.
  6. I have a grow space, not a tent, was going to get more lights to fill it up.
    I'm keeping the same reflector, Should work just as well. I grow all sorts of strains, This light works for all of them.

    Burn your house down? both of these ballast's are reliable if you set it up correctly. Don't overload your circuits and you wont have a problem. I don't see why you don't trust these, it's not like its frequently bought together with a fire extinguisher.

    If your as paranoid as i am, you'll have one in reach though.
  7. Lol yea theres an extinguisher in my grow room too.
  8. Well if anyone's interested i got my growace kit today, and its great seems very high quality . My only complaint is the fan in the ballast is a little loud, but i would rather it be loud than hot.
  9. Is it the fan, or does it have a buzz to it that goes quieter when you turn it down? I just bought the 600 watt and I'm having that issue... Dunno if it's just the way it is, or if it's defective....

  10. im pretty sure its the fan, noise stays the same regardless of dimmer setting
  11. Right on. My ballast buzzes and gradually drops in level as i drop the power level (50%, 75%, 100%). Probably not so good?
  12. Sounds like you may have a problem, let me know how their customer service treats you
  13. I bought the 400w ipower from amazon and the ballast burnt out after 3 months. Contacted the manufacturer and they gave me an RMA number to mail it in. I'm 2 weeks away from harvest and I'm sure it'll take weeks to get it back.

    So I was gonna buy either the 600w Apollo as a replacement or the LEDWholesalers one (600w bulb/ballast, yoyo, cooltube) for $149 free ship but I'm reading bad reviews about people getting cracked cooltubes, cracked bulbs when they receive it and they say the cooltube is absolute crap material and the yoyo too..

    I think Lumatek is a decent brand name for ballasts so I might just buy the ballast only for like $160 and then buy a high quality hortilux bulb ($76) when it's time to replace my bulbs and then keep my Yield Master II cooltube I already have.

    One advice to you guys is that heat is not just an issue with these lights, but it's the biggest battle imo, so getting a cooltube is a *MUST* - unless you have a really large grow space. Cooltube + 240cfm fan exhausting is what I recommend.

    Also in regards to the apollo, the casing on the ballast looks exactly identical to the ipower ballasts except in different color; and I'm willing to bet they're using same parts inside too, since the reviews seem similar also.
  14. The kit I ordered from growace was a little more money, but ultimately what made the decision for me was safety ratings, the Amazon and e-bay ones didn't have any safety certifications, while growace had many. I'm very pleased with the products I received.

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