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  1. Just finished watching Apocalyrto after smoking a couple bowls. I havent watched this film in a while. It still blows me away every time. It is a work of art imo. It shows a harsh reality of human history. It's one of my favorite films of all time. Anyone have any opinions on this film??
    Apocalypto Sacrifice Scene - YouTube
  2. every time i watch it i usually just end up walking around babylon growling like a jaguar
  3. shit, that movie blew me away when i first watched it. I think i should watch it again.
  4. I watched it sober once and loved it, then after a year or two I watched it high as fuck and that scene tripped me the fuck out. Totally agree with your whole post, it is a work of wart and one of my all time favourites!
  5. I remember seeing that in theaters. Watched it again a few months ago, great movie.
  6. Absolutely love that film. Love that they use the proper language (or as close to as possible) instead of English. Always find it a bit too intense when i'm high though.
  7. It's streaming on Netflix if anyone is interested. Just watched it this weekend and it's a good watch.
  8. Saw it a couple years ago and I've never forgotten about it. I really want to watch it again cooked out of my skull.

    I hope it's on Canadian netflix
  9. Just this minute had a huge ass bong and waiting for a pizza.......Apocalypto hear we come. The part when Jaguar Paw is dreaming and that guy who is cut open holding his guts always trips me the fuck out!
  10. Great movie watched it on netflix about a month ago

    Never understood why they freaked out when the water was rising in the cave/hole, she could of easily tread water and grabed the sides :confused:
  11. ah ^WTF?? and maybe being trapped in well hole it doesn't work like that u would think so but it doesn't ... one of Mel's best works he may be a jew hating bastard but he makes a hell of a movie..
  12. haha i watched this over the weekend. awesome movie with a lot of political undertones like how the leader of the bad guys kinda looked white
  13. I love that movie. That little girl who curses them was a fuckin thug man, she scared the shit out of them. And that part where he gets the poison off the frog and makes like poison darts was epic. Actually that whole movie was epic.
  14. Well, the movie is factually incorrect, so, providing it’s seen wholly as a fictional movie, it’s fine. From a historic standpoint, it’s a letdown.
  15. It is one of the more badass movies I've ever seen. It was also really funny when I watched it, it was me and a couple buddies, smoking nonstop the whole time, and every time some crazy shit happened (which was often), somebody would say "Mel Gibson wrote that"
  16. I watched this yesterday morning sober, idk if it's be a good idea to watch really high it would scare te fuck outta me when they're cutting out the hearts of the guys.
  17. I liked the movie even though Mel Gibson is garbage. Made me want to move to the yucatan

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