Apix design oil rig

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  1. Im looking to get a new rig soon and id ike apixdesign to make it. Im looking for a small macro/micro rig ik he has made them before and im just looking for some pictures to get some ideas. Thanks
  2. eh, not that I've seen, he has done very small stemlines, and recyclers. And I don't know if he'll even do that custom right now, depending on what you want..
  3. He's unfortunately not doing customs at the moment. I'm on the waiting list for a king stemline to circ disc. Awesome piece
  4. Do you have any other suggestions for a small oil rig like the toro macro ones with bent neck in. Up to 150$
  5. swagger glass saw them on instagram made in cal i believe they make prodo and customs

  6. they have some pretty nice stuff on their instagram for not that bad of prices. Thanks, I will keep them in mind.
  7. I was just told today they're a Denver brand.

  8. my mistake they are based in denver!

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