Aphids Control

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  1. Hello GC
         I am looking for a aphid control woke up this morning and had a epydemic porporshions i need something around the house i can kill them? i have bee useing warm soapy water to spray them off the plant couse i read that as soon as the flying one picks a plant host lays its larvie then flyes away been straying them of to keep from clustering

    found this
    Using a forceful stream of plain water does the trick incredibly well. The aphids are knocked off the plant and usually end up breaking their jaw when they hit the ground (I don't make this stuff up). Aphids are very slow movers, so even if they did manage to get back up the plant, they can't very well eat with a dislocated jaw.

    and they need to clime back up the stem of the plant to get back on any other help would greatly apreseated Thanks GC i really dont want to use insectiside soaps please help GC
  2. well been sprying them the fall off then get right back on :( any help guys
  3. go find a few lady birds
  4. a hungry lady bird can eat many many aphids dunno if citronella works on them keeps many other creatures away
  5. i agree a ladybird beetle would make short work of those aphids.
  6. yes they did thank you ladybug worked wow never new that the eat other bug huh lern something new everday lol thanks guys verry helpfull info

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