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    after reading until six in the morning, I woke up with ONE intention and thats to grow :smoke:

    woke up and bought me a $55 Mahogany Dresser. 19 inches high x 18.5 inches wide x 16 inches length. (I just eye balled it and thought it'd be enough)

    I'm mid constructing it (will have pictures soon).

    I'm basically basing most, if not all of my ideas off this guy [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmvtpwm-JXs"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmvtpwm-JXs[/ame]

    First time cab, HOPEFULLY if all works well, soon to be first time grow.

    I need QUIET fans. I can get 4 inch PC fans for $20 and am planning on only doing one intake and one out take fan, again, I'm basing my box concpet off that one dudes.

    I'm just gonna fcuking wing this journey and light up along the way :p
  2. If you build it they will grow
    if you build it they will grow
  3. wanna see some pics so i can get a better idea of what to do in my apartment but its a good start
  4. I'm pretty much done building the shell of the cabinet and I gotta say after all the hard work I'm pretty haappy with the result :hello:

    Ima get some pictures up asap. thanks for the motivation Tihspeed.
  5. np bro... like the video said.. those fans are way too much for that size of cab and super loud.... so just do a little math

    L x W x H= cubic feet.... x3 if your just going to vent= cfm rated fan... x2 if your going to do a diy carbon filter =cfm rated fan...

    ex: 2 x 2 x 2=8 cubic feet of grow space.... x 3 for air= 24 cfm rated fan... x 2 for carbon filter=48 cfm rated fan....

    this is commonly found in most computers... just rip one out and get a adjustable power supply from radio shack for twenty bucks... this way you can slow down your fan if you need to.... or speed it up....

    i like the mylar the guy used and love the fact that he taped up everything.. but you don't really have to go that crazy.. it just has to be white....

    take some pics of your build... i'd love to see what you came up with... just make sure there are no light leaks once your done...
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    1.5 x 1.5 x 1.3 = 2.925 cubic feet of grow space ? what can I accomplish with this much space ?

    btw, I just tested to see if I had any light leaks and I cleared that obstacle ;)

    next thing on the list
    - Lights
    - Fans
    - Carbon Filter
    - Mylar or Attic Insulation
    - Thermometors and all the handy gadgets

    as far as the cabs go, I think that might be it ?

  7. three feet of grow space. You need a 9CFM rated fan or if you add a carbon scrubber you need a 18 CFM rated fan. Both easily found in a computer case or cheaply purchased

    With such a small grow I wouldn't veg at all. Straight to flower. Maybe look for a strain that is a small plant. Lowrider diesel or something of the like.

    Keep us posted. Put up some pics
  8. dont spend alot of money on small grows spaces like that,

    they are the best choice when you have all of the stuff with you.

    after your first few grows your gonna realize you want more space.

    so id invest in everything you need grow wise and find a cheap cabinet.

    thats what i did and now i want more space.

    but id look into something a bit bigger.
  9. just starting off with tape

    done with the tape

    front view

    no light leaking (don't mind the screw holes)

    access door (velcro to keep it up)

    I JUST bought the Mylar so I gotta install that and also I bought 4 23 Watt 6500 CFL's.

    thoughts ?
  10. looks super sweet.. nice build...

    my only advice.... add more CFL's... use a power strip and just get those plug to socket adapters and then get the Y adapter and add as many cfl's as you can jam in there...

    at least two more clf's... I like the low wattage one's.. their more efficient.. and i like the fact that they can be purchased at lowes for super cheap...

    keep the pics coming.. love all the work you have done so far
  11. thanks man. I appreciate the feedback ! are the Bulbs I bought alright ? I know you said to go striagh to veg...care to elaborate ?
  12. Sure.

    6500k bulbs = a vegging bulb
    2700K bulbs = a flowering bulb

    6500 is like a summertime light. Mj plants just focus on bushing.
    2700 is like wintertime light. Mj plant focusing on flowering and they trippled is size.

    If you veg for to long and flip to flower and your plant trippled in size your gonna run outa room in your grow. So...,

    veg your plant for like a week or at most two and put in your 2700K bulbs. Your plant will trippled in size.

    This also depends on strain. With an auto flower. Things would be a little different but not much

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