Apartment POWER Question!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by RememberTheName, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. I pay one bill.

    778.96 a month to live in my apartment.

    I have NO other bills.

    Would this make it HARDER or EASIER for my LandLady to notice I'm growing with UNDER 600Watts..?
  2. Just tell her you bought a new gaming computer. Gaming computer power supplies exceed 1000 watts, speakers 100 watts, LCD 80-100 watts.

  3. Bueno.

    I'm medical. So not TO worried lol

    Just wondering if I should tell her or see if she'd notice.
  4. What will matter is if each apartment is on separate meters or not. If the whole building is on one meter then your usage will blend in to the overall bill.
  5. I rented a all-in appartment once, but there was a limit for electricity put in the contract. And if you have an appartment with the power use of a big farm..... :p
    but 1x 600w will be no problem I think, especially if you use a cfl for vegging

  6. 250 Watt Veg. UnSure Flower thus far.
  7. Go for it and best of luck! :D Started my first indoor a month ago
  8. [quote name='"ProfessorX"']
    Go for it and best of luck! :D Started my first indoor a month ago[/quote]

    I have a SuperBox and a SuperCloset :p

    SuperCloset en route actually. That way It'll be a perpetual grow.

    You have a journal?

    I have a breaker box IN my apartment if that helps..
  9. Nice.
    I don't have a journal,have 2 mothers where I cutted clones from 5 days ago,
    Was thinking to start a journal when these clones are rooted!
  10. Question is still in the air.
  11. You're in NoHo. Trust me, no one will give a fuck :)

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