Apartment Inspection

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by NinjaToker92, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. I want to grow in my apartment closet when I move out. I plan on using odor control inside and outside my grow grow tent (in closet). I am curious if most apartment complexes do regular apartment checks or If the just do them occasionally (like a yearly basis). Also, I am going to be getting a medical card and I live in California if that helps.
  2. It depends on the management there, you should be able to ask them.
  3. Change the locks on the door man. That way they have to notify u and schedule a date to come by. By then u will b prepared
  4. They usually call or leave a note notifying you that an inspection will take place. I would imagine they do at least one per year.
  5. in cali, unless its an emergency (fire, water leak, yadda yadda) they are required to give 24 hour notice. "suprise" inspections are illegal. hell as long as you have a card, they probably wont care anyway...
  6. In the last month I have had them come by twice. Once to flush the dryer vent, and another to check all the sprinklers, fire alarm, and CO2 detectors. They always left a note on all the doors so I had ample time to be ready for it.

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