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    what is the best way to go when your renting apartments?
    grow tent?
    vertical grow unit?

    i started this post do to the fact that some people dont have the option of setting up in a house!
    and apartment growing consists of a more cautious approach.

    so please advise with knowlegable reasponses.
  2. First and foremost, check your lease agreement. A lot of them have clauses where the management can go into your apartment at anytime in order to do maintenance.
  3. yes i now this, private leases are the way to go. you want to stay away from apartments that cater to the younger crowed!
  4. Well I'm growing in my 1 bedroom in the storage closet. However, I'm only growing two plants and the most I might do is 8.

    The maintenance here used to come in whenever they wanted but pretty sure they don't do that anymore under the new management. I think the best way to go is to schedule lights out during the work day so if they do happen to come in, they won't be suspicious unless there's a strong odor.
  5. with 4 1000 watters i would think ur power bill would be a tad high for an apartment
  6. Regardless of the price of the power bill, that is a huge operation to be doing in an apartment building. I would not advise to use try to grow that much in an apartment. How much are you trying to produce?
  7. im told i can get a pound n a half a light with this og kush.
    a single guy in a whole house a lil heat score tho wouldnt you say?
  8. i've been speculating about just a 1 lighter=pound n a half roughly.

    all depending on the strain obviously.
  9. Your grow would need to be completely stealthy in an apartment, for the obvious security issues. Landloard and/or management can always access your apartment, usually if they are nice they'll call ahead, but it doesn't always work like that.

    I would think some kind of disguised grow tent would work. Maybe a grow tent inside a closet with ventilation out the back/top. Ideally, your grow tent would be inside something with a lock that nobody but you has the key for. That way there's no way they could stumble on it while in the apartment for a legitimate reason.

    That much lighting would be insane for a tent... If you could just use a whole room... that's another story.

    I think your goals for weight are a little high for a stealthy grow. But I do love to see the envelope get pushed, so post results if you go through with anything.
  10. what about a grow ten that fits inside a bedroom. the tent being almost the same size as the room? and put a lock on the bedroom door?

    im intrested in grow tents mostly because they seem easy to put up and take down as to bringing wood into an apt.
  11. Just for a precaution, use the bedroom without the circuit box. The two bedrooms at the complex I live at have one room which has the box in it, the maintenance had to access everyone's at one point, for something.
  12. so true, thanks for the advice.

    i created this post for people and myself wanting info on possible apt setups
  13. if i were to grow 1-2 plants in an appartment...what would be the best kind of setup/what strain should be grown
  14. Check out the link in my sig, I'm growing two Dwarfs at the moment with 214W of CFLs each.
  15. for a set up that small any strain would pretty much work, remember there are strains like haze that are very picky on there surroundings. regardless 2 plants wont even produce much smell if any, if your set up is right.

    easy strains are as follows:
    -juicy fruit
    -romulan is an awsome strain for first timers
    thats just to give u a sense
  16. You shouldn't grow that much in an apartment. Look at rental homes. If you did decide to grow there I would get one of those big wood cabinets and use a filter. I'd change the locks too.

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