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  1. everybody list all the homemade shit they smoke out of when they dont have a piece... apples, homemade bongs, gimme some ideas for when i'm way desperate
  2. tin foil

    ghetto but it works...make sure you throw it away afterward though, aluminum foil in the brain is link with alzhimers

  3. I heard something about this could anyone please tell me more cuz i use alot of tin foil and i don't want alzhimers :)

  4. althimers pacients have large amounts of aluminum in their brain...whether this is the cause or effect of the althimerz is unknown

    go to the store and buy a cheap pipe...stop the ghettoness...think of the children
  5. haha, yeah i have a pipe... but like, it's hard for me to get them when i lose them (often lose shit when i'm blazed) because i'm not of legal age to buy it or some shit
  6. it's amazing what you can do at a hardware store, go check out the plumbing supplies or air and hydrualic fittings too; cheaper than buying some piece spending up 50 bucks for something ya gonna space and lose anyway; what I'm using now is an air line conector I picked up at work small enough of an opening to hold about a pea size ball of green and on the side that a air tube goes on I stuck a bic pen body on it, free and if I lose it, can always get another.
  7. cheap and it works sounds good
  8. Well being a native new yorker you gotta be aware of the ghetto smoking methods. I've smoked out of soda cans,milk jugs,apples, ETC. I gotta say the best ghetto smoking device is the 2 ltr. soda bottle bong
  9. aluminum can, crushed in the center and holes poked for a bowl...wa la

    but its not as fun as other things.

    I like rolling Js with the inner wrapper of bubble gum and a dab of honey for stickyness...or you can use the really thin paper in the last page of larger books like dictionaries or (gasp!) bibles.

    my advice...dont lose your piece

    and BTW dont be worried about the whole foil thing...because chances are you still get a hardy dose of foil through your gel deodorants, different brands of toothpastes, various skin creams and what not anyway, so burning and inhaling from aluminum foil is the least of your worries (atleast the flame sanitises it first).
  10. this single post is the worst crime agains stonerhood i have ever seen!!!!!.....NOOOOOOOOOO ALUUUUUMMMMMIIINNNUUUUMMMMMM...wait...they said that...

  11. lol, i deeply apologize namron, this post was made a long time ago, we were younger and more naive then..but thanks to your new crusade to rid the stoner world of aluminum smoking pieces, this forum has become a much better place...
  12. i truly feel appreciated here...i feel as tho this is my new home....where do i put my couch...and how big are the closets?

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