Aoxamoxoa is the best Gradeful Dead album I've ever heard.

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  1. I mean, it doesn't really fit the Dead... It's very traditionally put together and kind of devoid of their jammy aspects...

    But man it's one beautiful piece of Rock 'n Roll art... I was just chillin, takin some bong rips and listening to it for the first time in a long time, and after hearing all the other Dead stuff I've heard since i first got the album, it's my far my favorite Dead work

    So any other dead heads out there? Wanna discuss? :smoking:
  2. Yeah man its pretty awesome. I got the impression that if the Beatles hung around Jerry around this time this is the album they would make.

    I don't know if you're familiar with it, but my favorite Dead studio album is Anthem of the Sun
  3. wow, I've been waiting years for someone to say this. Aoxamoxoa is a rare masterpiece. Yeah, it's not like live jam folksy material, but its definitely the highest, and psychedelic art. It's utterly amazing. I mean, back in the days I was really appreciating it, it was so true. And with music, music is knowledge captured forever, the truth will remain. What's become of baby? Such epic effervescent transcendent soul prayer tragedies of civilization compassion. Rosemary. Oh, things I can't talk about. Intense and delicate songs. Mountains of the Moon! China Cat Sunflower! What wonderful memories and what wonderful songs! I mean, people just don't make music like this these days, it's a shame. The album cover is pretty amazing too wink wink. We ate the...
  4. Maaaaaaan you said it.. Unfortunatley I can't enjoy the whole thing proper, as my CD is all jacked up for reasons unknown... But I plan on restoring it, if possible... i hear tooth paste works haha but i don't know i'll see...

    ANd i'll def check out anthem of the sun when i get the chance
  5. I've had toothpaste work before...but I've also had it not its at least worth a shot.
  6. good album. my favorite might be blues for allah though
    maybe wake of the flood

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