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Anything you can do with an old volcano bag?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Vicious, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. My friend always offers to give me his cause I told them you can probably still use them somehow. The thought it was fiendish but i think hes an idiot. The whole thing us cakes with the stickiest, skunkiest smelling goop. I don't know how I can get it off. Even if I freeze it I still can't razor it off because the bag rips. I'd love to have a whole lump of this resin, pretty much hash oil.
  2. Cut the bag open and put it in a tray with rubbing alcohol. Leave it out so the alcohol evaporates. It should separate them as well. Then you can rub it off.
  3. I wouldn't consider that resin.. I mean after all, resin is mostly tar from the burnt plant, and the burnt plant matter gets left behind in the vape process.
  4. You mean cut it in little pieces? Scrape it off the plastic after the alcohol?
  5. Hmm.. but then what would it be? If the vape in the bag is almost pure THC.. Then you have to wonder if some of it cooled and, over the process of many vape sessions, started gunking up, as it cooled on the surface of the bad, in some sort of almost-pure THC.. goo stuff?

    I know next to NOTHING about vapes, this is only my guess.
  6. I would open the bag up so it has a wide opening at the top so you could run hot water from the sink through it. At the bottom where the water would pour out have a coffee filter. Use something to scrape it towards the filter. I have a whip style vape and that's how I do it. Maybe it would work.

    I smoke the shit that comes off the sides and that gets you super baked.
  7. My guess too. What would happen if you put the smoke into some sort of stainless steel container, and cooled it very rapidly (say with liquid CO2 or liquid N2)?

    I think the THC would stick to the sides and you could then chip it off, and eat it and get really stoned.
  8. can u really get buzzed off the resin left in volcano bags?????
  9. Thats the point of this thread. I don't think the running water would work, i don't think that alone will get it off the bag, and if it does the filter wont catch it. My friend has one bag at the moment. The previous one i opened was glistening with golden 'resin'. The whole bag was amazingly sticky, towards parts where the bag creased there was decently heavy build up. It would definitely be worth the effort to try and get off. Just questimating theres enough to get for a good session.
  10. Maybe if you somehow filled the bag with butane and put a small hole at the bottom it would come out like when you make honey oil? My guess is your better off making it hotter than colder.

  11. Test (waste) a small piece of bag in butane to make sure it doesn't dissolve or explode etc. If it's good, just chop up the bag and make some oil! The cleanest hash oil comes from the cleanest sources ;)
  12. the only thing i would be worried about while your using iso or butane to disolve/extract the resin is that you dont take any of the plastic along with it. this isnt glass like most of us are used to getting resin out of
  13. Could you go into a little more detail, ever made Iso hash. I after it dissolves I don't see how it wont still be on the plastic. Unless I take it out while its sloshing around in the Alc. Then I just let that dissolve off and I smoke?
  14. You CAN press it like hash.

    EDIT: with whipped vape's you can ISO it. But that would be hard to do with a volcano bag.
  15. im not shure about the bag but the connection peices of the volcano has some bitchen residues that get u fucked up. i dont see why the bag wouldent be the same. id try the rubbing alchol method. because after the rubbing alcohol evaporates if theirs nothing left in the bowl than its not worth your time and if their is. smoke it and let us know.
  16. I just got one and it's so spread out that if I did it in little pieces it probably wouldn't take much off. It's INSAINLY sticky and the top part is speckled with gold. Probably need to save a couple more.

    Does it have to be 100% Iso acl?
  17. No, it doesn't need to be 100%, but the higher percentage you can get, the better.
  18. 99% is what i use.... if i were you, i would cut the bag up and put it in a ziplock container or jar for a good long while... (I through in a couple buds from all my sacks for a few months).... but in ur case, i dont see why it should take any longer than a day or so... then, just fish out the plastic pieces... ( cut them big to make this easy... a bunch of little pieces will end up in ur shit if u dont).... put the alcohol in a glass pan or something of that nature... just make sure its glass... having a larger surface area of the alcohol makes it evap. quicker... then scrap up ur shit with a razor...
  19. I Just shred the old bags and vape em in the chamber the same way you would weed. Using ISO and butane always leaves shit behind check out a gas chromatography report. I love the volcano. I don't think mines been turned off in 2 years.

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