Anything obvious I should be doing?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by cablehead, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. My first plant. See anything I could be doing better?. Thanks. weed.jpg
  2. Looks slightly over watered, but everything looks great. Good job.

    Concentrate on getting those P and K levels up now that flower is in full swing. Good luck
  3. How can you tell by looking that its over watered? Thanks.
  4. looks great ,not sure how much time you got left ?You could add some molasses it s some great shit ,thats if your not already.Beautiful plant
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  5. The leaves should be pointed straight out I think. See how they curve down. That's probably what he means

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  6. wonder I'm overwatered...I thought the down turned meant gimme water!
  7. much?
  8. They will also point down when they are underwatered but they look more deathly. Overwatered leaves curve down but still look healthy

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  9. And molasses usually just goes for a couple spoonfuls a gallon

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  10. 4 hours later? What should I do?
  11. water them if ground feels dry they will return to normal in 1 hour. out doors seldom can u overwater
  12. double post laggggg....
  13. I can see lots of Cains but not near the plants, give the buds lots of support as it only takes one windy day and you buds will be on the floor
  14. After 2 days of Rain. Just got my Carson 60/100. Anyway to tell when I should really start paying attention to doneness? weed1.jpg
  15. Lost 90% (or all) of this beauty due to severe Bud Rot. Filmed the whole mess. Youtube:

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