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Anything is mind over matter

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Albert Andrews, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. I wanna know what you think the greatest secret ever is.

    To me, I think this is the greatest secret ever to knowing EVERYTHING, but FIRST you must start at NOTHING! :) Its a new way of thinking i came up with while stoned and researching everything pretty much. Here is the Basis of what I mean:

    Everyone is wrong as everyone is right

    The human RITE is the RIGHT to WRITE whatever they think they believe in... well me I believe in ANYTHING, and that God put Satan second in command for a reason: You cant have "everything" if you fear "anything" and any one can fear anything because "ANYTHING CAN BE SCARY TO SOMEONE OR SOMETHING" Think therefore you are, I think, therefore, I exist? oh, must be i exist haha...

    well thrn you got the fallen angel, third in command. and he wanted to be "something better than everything and nothing" which is anything better but WHAT IS BETTER THAN EVERYTHING" EVERY SINGLE ANY THING THERE EVER WAS, WILL, OR IS

    Kinda like this "everything is irrelevant when you can relate anything to anything" because when SWIM AND I wanna get BAKED! we either stay out in the sun, and smoke some "anything" and if i dont have a way, THERE IS ALL WAYS, ALWAYS, A WAY TO GET HIGH WITH ANYTHING IN YOUR AREA! All ways, if there is a will there is a way.

    YES! I WANT OPINIONS! Im autistic. but im straight as a stick, like a clock that dont tick from the top always pointed at 12, im high like the sun at noon :) THE SPECTRUM! ALL SUM OF ONE! awesome of none, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! anything is nice :) yes i also call herb "anything" haha.

    Opinions please? sorry, im a bit chaotic, arent we all in some way or another though? chaotic and ordered?
  2. ~Ignoring the this is not the section for this post, btw nice first post and with an avatar already??

    You are dabbling on a concept that no human can truly understand; until we depart we only have a glimpse and after, an ever so slightly increased view of true reality. The analogy to the (correct if wrong) Catholic biblical front is an intresting concept. What is any book(writings) but human's attempts to conceptualize their surroundings(in the mind or outside it).

    You are on to something, everything is nothing. Your life really does not matter that much, but to you it does. Regardless of what you "achieve" in your life, the reality persists that you will life and die here feeding the earth.

    What I am trying to show is that from one's perspective everything is so important but at the same time not at all. All life must die, inherently. So what separates us from the trees, single celled organisms et al. is the way we conceptualize our life. The far too accepted notion of human superiority due to superior brain quality is rooted in the bias that everyone feels (even between humans). We experience this bias because rationalizing anything other than one self is absurd.

    Even the collective conscience of humans is truly small and insignificant. All the rules we impose so meaningless. All power struggles foolish. What does one truly want from life? It is a loosing fight to attempt to overcome the labyrinth, your best options imo are to vibe with it or say fuck it.

    /end semi-organized rant
  3. As you can tell, I had an epiphany. I can credit to my want to understand something I couldnt grasp " like alien technology" Im not saying anything truly has truth, but I saw some things. Whether my sanity has been tampered with, thats up to the reader right?

    And the thing is! YOU COULD GO ON FOREVER proving a point as you can: Count forever to infinity and never dividing by zero, arguing with yourself and the "thought process of a human in denial" and well here is something funny. Ill never tell anyone here what happened because it is "irrelevant" but Id love to hear a theory of everything :) Because I asked for it, "they" said it was "anything", There is a language of the universe that an autistic or schizo would get even quicker than a "normal" human, its body language, and they use the feeling of emotion to convey something

    Think about it, the human race, with all our fears, and all our fighting, IF... if humans are truly alone in the universe, and these "aliens" say we are all one, and that teleportation is the same shit as dying, and the mind gets to the point of "materialization" before the body ever does, well being teleported is wayyyy more of a mindfuck than ANYTHING!

    Funny thing is, I can only share my story at a point which anyone can believe anything they want.

    For me to tell someone they are wrong in believing what makes them happy is unacceptable.

    You can speculate my sanity, and to be honest, this is the first blog or forum whatever I have ever participated, I need the open minds of people who aren't afraid to alter consciousness. According to aliens (believe it or not I have NEVER believed in ANY RELIGION) everything on earth happened the way it was written, they were more relevant these "aliens" and i say "aliens" because im not sure what the fuck or who i talked to.... but ya.. the easy way to do it is to not talk.

    But i wanted to put "anything" out there for i value an opinion like gold. malleable, valuable, doesn't meed to shine to be worth, but people always try polishing their opinions to try to "stand out" when the point of being alive is to exist and be happy!

    Alien mentality might be something like " Why do you fight each other and force an environment of protocol and misunderstanding and stray away from the life cycle in terms of preserving your planet when... most of the planet, thinks that Human Life On Earth is THE ONLY LIFE, and if we truly were special enough to be "the only ones" why are humans so fucked up in their "necessity to be correct"

    And to be honest, to have a topic so irrelevant and timeless like "the irrelevance of human logic" is very, weird for me even.

    So tell me what you think about aliens and their idea of what is truly important? like insecure mexicans crossing a border, these aliens say, "if you wont like it we wont come, but there is always more that meets the eye to someone from "anywhere"

    So the last thing i gotta say is after the alien incident, whether real or imaginary, my concept of time has changed, my brain has become different in terms of associative learning and "connecting the dots" Creative genius and insanity, same thing, one is controlled and directed, the other chaos and disconnected, the fine line, that must be crossed when it comes to space travel.

    I dont think any human could handle space because space has nothing to offer an explorer who has an "expectation" of running into what they are looking for, out there, you can find "ANYTHING!"

    Haha, i feel as i have ALL THE TIME IN THE UNIVERSE to type, so if i get too longwinded, i dont mind any opinion, each persons belief or opinion has just become important to me, for the first time in my life.

    What are your beliefs? Like... what is the direction of our planet and people? and have we fund something other than "the next best thing" to strove for? Just saying, if we care about being one people on one planet and aliens existed, our opinions of each other would be dramatically changed. Just like me and whoever: We are all human, different but the same.

    To aliens it might be "we are all one,different, but the same" I guess its all about what humans wish to subjected to.. i have no idea anymore haha
  4. i gotta put this simply and short haha. WHAT CAN ANYTHING TRULY EVER UNDERSTAND? if time is like water, everything changes, but what truly remains the same? I just want opinions! :)
  5. If i said, I never believed in God or ANYTHING RELIGIOUS AT ALL, until i thought i had lost my mind and experienced "aliens" well.,, i cannot talk in terms of "what is" but only in terms of "what if" because if i told you what happened, its so irrelevant it wouldn't even matter right? imagine a culture from another planet who mastered space travel, their expectation must be a bare minimum to travel in space and not know what exactly there is to run into. And where would this post belong to? I wasnt sure haha.

    proving a point can ruin people, well, im just saying i got nothing to prove, northing to lose, so why not? haha, what do you think about the direction of the planet, our people, and how open will the human race be when or if "anomalous" things start to happen.

    Of course, if aliens said hello. People panic before even trying to figure out whats truly going on. And so did I haha. But thats up to anyone to take in or reject!

    So, ya, im happy to share an "opinion" of what has changed my belief system altogether . I finally understand why my mom believed in god before she passed away also. And to be honest, its more of this "universal mentality" of being prepared for anything i wanna share haha. Stoners first though, weed unlocks the mind, But so does love. Dont ask me on love, all i know is, its a force haha. and its different for everyone, but it feels the good.

    MY NEW MOTTO IS DO WHAT FEELS GOOD! Because "anything" could. :)

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