Anything I Can Do?

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  1. So, yesterday I acquired a new piece, a sort of water pipe the fella at the head shop called a 'vacuum', made by some company called Pure Glass. I opted for this brand as it's the best available at the shops near campus out here in Bumfuck, Mississippi. Essentially, the piece had a dome perc, a six-arm tree perc, and an inline perc in the bottom tube, which ran perpendicular to the main tube and curved up toward the bowl. All in all, a pretty nifty looking little contraption. Anywho, last night I was walking out of the dorm to put this little guy to use for the second time with some friends and a few nugs. The piece was in a brown paper carrying bag with a good bit of paper surrounding it(the one from the store, I had a voucher for a carrying case that's set to come in next week or so). As I'm walking through the doorway, the person walking past me bumps into me, causing the bag to hit the door frame and elicit a quick -crack- noise, and I knew things couldn't be good. When I climbed into my friend's car, I saw that the inline perc had broken, a clean break, and is now sitting in the bottom of the chamber it once so gloriously and briefly occupied. So, blades, am I as shit out of luck as I think I am?
  2. Sorry to say, but your pretty fucked.

    Find a pro glass blower and they could probably save the tube and blow a normal bottom of even a new inline bottom while saving the rest of the tube.

    Or if they are really good there is a chance it could be totally saved if its a really clean break.

    I would contact Preston of stoneglassworks.

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