Anything else I need?

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  1. I made the grow tent, and I'm trying to get a list of everything I need and have l. Can you guys help to see what I left out?

    So far I have

    LED LIGHT 300w

    The only other thing I can think of that everyone brings up in their videos or guides is co2. Do I need it for a 1 plant grow in a 2x4 tent?

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  2. You don't "need" co2. And I guess the only things you're missing is the soil and seed.

    I can recommend germinating the seeds in a cup of water left in a dark place for 1 to 3 days
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  3. Also grab some ph up and down U have to have the water at 6.0 6.5 for your plants to do well

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  4. And a ph pen of some kind.
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  5. Yea that's how I was planning to do it. Then putting it in a damp paper towel.

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  6. Oh yea I completely forgot about that. Thank you!

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  7. Yea I got one I just forgot to list it thank you!

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  8. Youre never going to know what you need till you start. Just make sure you have the basics and the rest you gotta get as you go.


    Been growing for a while now and im still buying shit.
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  9. What he says, prepare for unexpected costs especially when you first start out.
  10. But my advise to you, always have optic switch and the wetting agent, (transport) and apply during flower stage to minimize the chance of herm. You will thank me later for this, i always advise new growers to buy this product and it saved a hand full of new growers their harvest. But it's up to you. Gl ;)
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  11. No problem

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  12. I have no idea what those things are lol. Please explain

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  13. Dont over think it,

    temp/humidity gauge.
    Quality fem seed.

    Anything else you can get as you go/need. Remember a seed takes 2 months before you hit the timer switch to 12/12. (it takes a month just to mature).
    Absolutely no point in having CO2 unless ur in a sealed room with temp control.
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  14. Did you get ducking for your inline cf? And clamps? What about a thermometer with a humidity gauge? An oscillating fan is Good for between the light and the plants as it will keep your temps under control better. But I would still get a couple 4-6 inch clip fans. Calmag maybe unnecessary, but it won't harm anything plus it's good to have if you get a calmag deficiency when you're going into bloom. Like mentioned no co2 needed, do the most research on your light! If it's a 300 it's only 130 to 140 true watts, but will be good for 1 plant.
    Good Luck

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  15. What's an optic switch and wetting agent just asking?

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  16. Maybe that dude is from the year 3000 and means water and a light timer haha

    I was wondering too
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  17. LoL! your right a big word for a timer haha!
    I thought he meant a microscope at first.

    That's why I had to ask lol

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  18. Haha np i'll explain. A herm is a female plant who has been stressed to the point of growing male parts, which contain pollen, so that the female can reproduce when it thinks it's going to die, (stressed alot)

    There are a few key stress factors when a female plant will feel the need to become a hermaphrodite and try to self pollinate her self.

    The major stressers that cause herms are
    1- light leak
    2- consistant light-burn
    3- high temperature above 33c can trigger herm
    4- consistant bad ph

    What does optic switch do? Optic switch is not a sci-fi special enhanced magic liquid from the future it's much more boring it's a watered down version of what commercial watermelon farmers use to grow seedles watermellon.
    It surpresses the male hormones so that your female cananbis plants won't grow male parts like sacks or nanners, to self pollunate her self dus resulting in a shitload of seeds in your harvest.

    Well how does it do it?

    The key ingrediant in optic switch is Ethephon, ethephon is converted into ethylene once it hits the plant. Ethylene is in a plant whether you put it there or not. Your just adding a little more than the plant naturallly has.

    In the first 3 weeks after the switch to 12-12 from veg to flower your plants hormones go crazy because the plant is switching to flowering, at this time the sex starts to reveal if it's a male or female. Even in feminsed seeds there are still sleeping male hormones and when you add optic switch it surpresses those hormones so that it wont take over and create herms.

    In the end it goes deeper then this but it's alot to explain, so this was kind of a shorted version of the bigger picture ;) Aight i'm a head back to the future hehe
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  19. Good stuff
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    Good info, cheers. Ill have to look into Ethephon.
    But i think the temp you gave of only 33c is kinda low. Thats just a nice normal summer days temp. Doesn't hurt the plants at all.

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