Anyone with experiance growing Nirvana Northern lights??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Mister Postman, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Man I fucked up last night.. In the hurry to get things repotted before lights out I fucking switched my pots up, got confused, and now I don't which is which.. What a terrible stoner mistake:eek: LMFAO. Just my luck after spending dough on some descent genetics to mix them up LOL.

    So in your experiance with Northern lights has it been a main stem dominate growth pattern?? Not much branching out if left to grow naturally?? I have one main stem domiante, and the other is really branching out from the center stem (I'm thinking the one branching may be my hashberry...... I have one other male Northern lights with a similiar main stem growth pattern, but it's male not female.. Just figured if you guys grew it before you may have some pics of growth patterns etc. or you may know the most common growth pattern for the strain.. It's Nirvana NL?
  2. dont know where you are in your growth cycle but here are some pics of my northern lights. 2 weeks into flower.

    if its any confort i numbered, labeled and described my plants in detail in my journal. i re-potted the plants and lost all the labeling. danm annoying really.

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  3. postman, if you can post pics of the plants, itd help to compare

    a friend of mine runs hashberry a lot, I may be able to identify her leaves....not your original question, but it gets the same result

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