Anyone with "exotic" pets?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by gashadokuro, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. first I searched for similar threads and found nothing so i apologize if there was any.

    I got my first tarantula a couple of weeks ago. It's a grammostola rosea (chilean rose hair) and is about 3 - 3 1/2 in.





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  2. Bad ass, used to have a poison dart frog, but sadly the lamp got left on and now he's one chrispy dude :cool:
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  3. I got a Blue tongued skink, a brazilian rainbow boa, and 4 leopard geckos. My emperor scorpion just died.
  4. i would kill ur pet if i had a chance
  5. Not yet.

    If I make enough money in my future, I plan to buy a baby white tiger.

    Fuck yes.

    And then if I have enough money, I'm building a penguin farm

    Fuck yes X 2.
  6. I want a hedgehog :(
    And I want a chinchilla they're so cute and soft ^_^
  7. I'm fine with dogs. I'd prefer to leave wild animals to their homes ...

    My dad had a wolfdog in the 80s. She tried to kill him when she reached adulthood.

    A friend of mine has an African Grey parrot ... (s)he seems so depressed being in a house.

    Although I might be down with a penguin farm!!
  8. got a trouser snake named junior
  9. I used to have a Chipmunk I rescued from the pool as a baby, she grew up to be very tame and friendly.

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  10. Well, not very exotic, (although in Cali they are considered to be exotic animals so they're illegal there) but I have 4 ferrets currently, they're mad cool. And a bit more exotic, I used to breed Sugar Gliders.
  11. it's one thing to have a wild animal but to have one with four toes armed with Bowie knives you got yourself a date with the devil that is for sure. >.>
  12. I have an iguana, and I used to raise emperor scorpions before.
  13. I've got a chinchilla, and he's cooler than shit, especially when high; we let him out every night, and he'll zip around and jump off the walls like a ninja. Seriously, if you haven't seen it before, YouTube "chinchillla bouncing off walls" it's crazy. Mine thus far has cleared a 4-foot tall box, so they're pretty nimble & entertaining as hell to watch.
  14. My dad has some exotic mantis's and I bought a steppe runner lizard the other day. Pretty cool motherfucker. Little skiddish though.
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  15. Ive got 10+ exotics and I love them all. Soon to add a new snake to the mix too

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