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Anyone who has trouble picking up weed at school.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SnowblindLeaf, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Now, I know a lot of people are currently attending highschool on here (hopefully senior year:rolleyes:). Well do any of you feel nervous picking up bud at school? Or just hiding your stash at school? I have the solution. I used to use this all the time.

    Most schools have locker rooms, obviously. Now, if your school is mine (the only way this will work) the lockers are not assigned unlike the hallway lockers, and you can chose a different locker every day if you please.

    Since the locker room lockers are not identified to you, if weed is found in one, the school will not know who's it is. Perfect.

    So buy your own lock, and keep your weed in the locker. My dealer also knew my combination and would drop off weed into the locker for me. It was great. I would leave a 20 in there, and a dub would be there the next day!!

    Tip: Have a seperate locker for weed and for gym stuff in the locker room. That is, if you can have two lockers. And don't put them next to eachother!!

    Hope that helped.
  2. thats so much work. lol. in between classes and at lunch and stuff theres so much commotion going on that no one would even notice a casual handoff
  3. I'm a senior (and I'm 18 kinda gotta say that) and I wish I had this idea from my freshman year on. I love it.
  4. That's great, until all of the gym rats see a sketchy stoner kid dropping off money into a locker and wonder why he's never actually in the gym.
  5. Here's a tip, don't buy at school. Too many ways for something to go wrong.

    Personally, all my dealers have been adults who rely on the income I give them and don't fuck around. Kids on the other hand are trying to be cool and are asking for trouble.

  6. Me and my dealer figured this out. We would keep everything in a sock roll. I would put a 20 in a roll of socks, and then he would take it out discretely and place the weed.

    And nobody really watches eachother in the locker room unless they are.... ya know.
  7. lol thats sketchballs.
  8. i only did it a few times. another thing you can do is hand it under the bathroom stalls, or hide it in a pack of gum. with 5 gum or any long style gum just cut the sticks in half and tape them up then u got 1/2 of the pack free and u can fit a g or 2
  9. yeah im sure its common practice not to assign lockers in most schools lmao
  10. lol you guys are ridiculous.

    all you need to do is get yourself an airtight container, and meet in the least used bathrooms DURING class. all you gotta do is make a phonecall and tell him youll be there. i remember thats how we used to do it at my highschool someone would come up and we'd be like "11:30 in the far bathroom" and voila, theyd be there waiting, exchange, and go back to class
  11. this is how we used to do it too. they're all making it way too complicated

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