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  1. is fucking retarded and doesnt know how to use it... within 4 hours my nute defficencys are all gone.. they were starvin!!! all i had was some miricle gro all purpose plant food at the reccommended dose cut by 1/3.. sprayed the leaves and watered half a gallon to each plant.. boom... pics in the morning... its too dark right now... miracle gro is the shit hands down for veg... havent got a chance to test the "bloom" yet.. but yes i will and i will post pics to prove... happy growing :gc_rocks:

  2. If u like dumping chemicals on ur plants then be my guest. Super soils and teas are bar none best way to grow. MONSANTO is an evil company wouldnt want to support them and their poisons.
  3. well yes, then i do like dumping chemicals on my plants... besides i didnt really "dump" anything i poured carefully and spritzed.. lol.. anyhow i wont use chemicals after they start budding.. thats all that really matters is that chemicals arent in the part you smoke.. but as for it being obsolete i beggg to differ.. i will try bloom for maybe first 2 weeks of flower.. so long as you let your plants use the "chemicals" up, shouldnt be much if any at all in the part you smoke.. i made my own soil with leaf mulch, veggie/fruit discards, tea/bags grounds, coffee/filters grounds, and brown paper sacks in the mulch maker..(the the soil was very rich in nutes.. pops knows a lil some some) it served me well for 2 months until finally they started yellowing.. added some miricle gro and botta bing. should be dark green in the morning.. ph tested at about 6.5 with a 2 probe meter.. (i havent invested in an expensive one til i get paid in the morning)..
  4. What ur doing is counterproductive never should you ever use synthetics or bephing or anything like that when trying to grow truly 100% organic. Alot ofthose chemicals cant get flushed out many elements stay inthe plant. So do urself a favor ditch thechemmies andgo all organic ur plants, ur microherd if itsnot dead already if it evenwas there inthefirst place, and mother earth will thank you.
  5. You could have made anice balanced compost tea or botanical and top dressed to give urplant more gas. Ideally u want balanced and diverse sources oforganic matter for the plant to feed on and they will never have issues all my plants are picture perfect for that very reason.
  6. Rd it's not even worth the time. This guy has no idea.
  7. Just trying to help out. Guesswe cant save everybody from bad growing practices. Oh well I tried.
  8. i agree 100%(except the counterproductive part).. teach me something about organic growing to get the same results as i just did in 4 hours with a chemical...the soil i started with was 100% organic and i tried using fish emultion actually fed 2 times with shit results.. what in mirical grow is chemical exactly.. explain please...
  9. You dont have a living super soil fish emulsion works great for me and isgood food for beneficial bacteria and fungus in the soil. If you dont have a balanced and diverse super soil thats properly cycled y I u wont get the results ur looking for. When u get it down u get supernatural results with minimal effort and much more cost effective. Go to tge organics section and start reading. Right now ur just growing hydroponically in a soilless mix.
  10. look man if u gonna be like that get the fuck out.. im just simply saying my plants benifited/cured of yellowing/dying leaves within 4 hours of a feed.. what organic material could correct such defficiencies so quickly? please explain rather than say i have no idea.. well maybe i dont.. doesnt mean im not worth the time.. asshole comment for real...
    For an "Old School" user of gc your attitude is just terrible dude. 
  12. I see no problem with it as long as you flush it...
  13. Miracle-Gro is a synthetic fertilizer that contains ammonium phosphate and several other chemicals that can be toxic to your soil and plants. It is prohibited from use in certified-organic farming. Here's what soil expert Robert Parnes, Ph.D., says in his book Fertile Soil: "[Ammonium fertilizer] acidifies the soil, and thus it is probably more harmful to soil organisms than any other nitrogen fertilizer . . . . The application has to be timed carefully and placed properly to avoid burning the leaves and roots . . . . In addition, ammonium tends to inhibit the release of . . . potassium . . . Ammonium fertilizers are deliberately manufactured to be spread at high application rates in order to obtain maximum yields with no regard to adverse effects on the soil. Probably nowhere is the conflict between the mass production of food to feed the world and the preservation of the soil more obvious than in the confrontation over the use of either ammonium fertilizers or liquid ammonia."

    And there's more: long-term studies at the University of Wisconsin have shown that acidic chemical fertilizers are causing serious, permanent damage to our soils. Usually these fertilizers are also highly soluble, so they leach away and pollute our water systems, too. Soil fertility authority Garn Wallace, Ph.D., of Wallace Laboratories in El Segundo, California, points out that Miracle-Gro contains muriate of potash, which contains excess chlorine that will burn plants and inhibit the uptake of nitrogen. Dr. Wallace also warns that products such as Miracle-Gro often contain unsafe levels of zinc and copper that will be toxic to soil life.

    And if all that's not enough to convince you to avoid this stuff, consider this: you have to mix Miracle-Gro with water and apply it ever "7 to 14 days." If you opt to fertilize organically, on the other hand, all you have to do is mix a ½-inch layer of grass clippings into your beds before each crop. As the grass decomposes, it will improve your soil's texture and stimulate microbial life and help prevent disease, all while releasing plenty of nutrients to feed your plants.
  14. A propely brewed tea shows me results in a matter of 20 to 30minutes after watering they pray hard like plant boners haha.
  15. saying i not worth the time is absolutely disrespectful.. ive never spoke with you before and this is the first thing you say to me? of course my reaction is going to be unpleasant.. instead of "im not worth the time" maybe phrase it as i need a little coaching?? possibly i could benifit from what you have to say.. like i said this is the first thing you said to me.. and its not a pleasant way to be introducing yourself...
  16. Heavy metals contained in miracle gro as well as the nitrate components cant be flushed from plants they stay in it.
  17. stay online im not done talkin with you yet.. let me read this stuff.. :p
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    Kind of a harsh introduction to this thread. Maybe that's where lines got crossed.
    My opinion, it's foolish to put any one down for how they get results.  
    Couple of things I would consider in your shoes.  You state that no chemicals will be used once flowering begins.  The soil recipe needs to be looked at.  Deficiencies this early shouldnt be happening.  You've got another month and a half to go.
    I'm confused about the wording.  You said yellowing was turned back to green growth?  
    Guys lets keep it civil in here.   Its a controversial topic, lets talk about it like adults.
  19. Im pouring out my knowledge here I give everyone. chance. Even thenewb:-D We all gotta start somewhere. Imjust more patient thenmost. Been told I should teach classes haha Professor of Cannabis. At ur service :)
  20. The problem with most Miracle Grow nutes is that there not that well balanced on nutrients for what pot plants need. I used fish emulsions for an entire outdoor grow along with some other organic ammendments in the soil and molasses and the bud came out really good. Once you start adding chemical nutes to an organic soil your going to start killing off the benefical bacteria in the soil. That benefical bacteria in the soil is what helps the plants absorb organic nutes.
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