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Anyone watch Fox News?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bdylan, Apr 2, 2002.

  1. Today they did a story about buying drugs on the net. They wired $140 to amsterdam, and recived a 1/2 oz of what looked like very nice stuff. They quoted a DEA as saying "Beacuse of the small quanities, and complex inter national laws inditments are unlikely."

    They didn't give out the website (of course) but they did show a background for a site called "Buds R Us".
  2. sounds pretty nice...but for 140 i can get a 1/2 O of very nice stuff chance of getting caught, no need to bother with the mail order stuff
  3. Don't get caught. I work at a college and a student here was having his parents send his supply of weed in the mail from Grenada (where they lived.) The govt people follow this action for months before the arrested the entire family. Somehow they (the USA) got the authorities in Grenada to arrest the parents. It's available here, so keep it here.

    Dennis in Florida
  4. I agree in that it's just not worth the risk, especially overseas, but what a trip that a news team did it just OK with no problem, and the response from the governent..
    Due to the small quantity? I have known people getting busted for smuggling less in/out of the country.
    Talk about inconsistency!
  5. lucky news team, they probably smoked it up too.
  6. heh heh heh.
    that reminds me of the dude on the 10pm news on our local fox station..
    always looks BLAZED as fuck, red eyes and everything.
    he makes me laugh, man, because i swear he's stoned!
    maybe he took part in this "research" ;)
  7. Gimme $140, I'll be gone 30-40 min. I'll bring back an OZ. (For a small fee of a 1/4.heeheehee!!)
  8. It sounds like none of you have actually had Dutch weed, but I can tell you there is nothing like it in the US...BudsRus had some incredibly high quality stuff that gave the smoker a high that lasted upwards of four hours (from a 2-hit bowl)...Sadly they are shut down now, but there are many others, and as was reported, shutting them all down is extremely difficult, if not impossible...

    Yes, it does cost extra, but if you get the chance, try some true NL hydroponic...You will be blown away.

  9. the best NL i ever had was grown outdoors in cali. the best weed i ever had in my life is some $60 8th, i don't know what the strain is but the buds where really white. i think the best dutch weed i ever had was blueberry from hydro, but that NL from cali was still by far better. ok why would dutch NL be better than usa NL, same strain same taste same high, its all the fucking same dude.
  10. I saw the same thing on fox news here in the midwest
    they had a DEA agent order and receive product in about 10-14 working days very exciting...

    hell to tell the truth I fond this place becuse of the segment on the news I started looking for the site mentioned and found this site.
    however they did not give any URL in amsterdam

    I beleive I did find it, but it seem to be under construction????
    for now. as soon as it's up I'll post it for all to see.

    the one thing I do recall the DEA agent saying is that it is hard to track so the chances that someone would get busted
    are very slim,.... cool huh
  11. NL is the postal appreviation for The Netherlands...Sorry, didn't mean to confuse it with Northern Lights...

  12. A friend told me that when he was in South Africa He could order shrooms and weed delivery like dominos. A little expensive of course.

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