Anyone wanna buy a speaker box?

Discussion in 'General' started by InferiorWang, Jul 26, 2003.

  1. Last month I bought 2 10" subs for my car and a speaker box for them. I was happy with what I had at first, but now I'm thinking a simple ported box would be better for the kind of music I usually listen to. What I have is a dual band pass. It has with a front chamber volume of 1.20 cubic feet and each dual rear chamber has a volume of .85 cubic feet. The dimensions are approx. 30" wide by 12" tall and is 16.5" deep. It has great thump and is good for anyone who likes rap. Normal cost is $160, but I'll let it go for $120. Here's a pic. Amp not included, speakers only included if you want to pay for them, too. Oh ya, and buyer pays shipping and insurance if they want it. I live in middle TN, about to move to Knoxville so if you're in either area I could get it to you without shipping.
  2. oops, forgot the pic

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  3. Hey dude, when are you coming back to Knox?
  4. I'll be back sometime in the first week of August. The dorms open the 14th, but I'm gonna live with my grandparents for a week or longer while I look for a job at somewhere other than Cracker Barrel. I'd love to meet you sometime, rumjil.

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