Anyone using LumperDawgz organic soil mix?

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  1. I know there's a few folks here using LumperDawgz mix, I just have a few questions.

    Does the replacement of blood meal with "seed meal" have any impact other than not using "Blood" in the mix? Same question for bone meal vs fish bone meal?

    Also does anyone know what to put into an "high-fungai tea" (never mind, I just read compost tea sticky:smoking:).

    I just mixed up a batch of "LC's Sunshine mix" but was wanting to try LumperDawgz for my next batch. I know this probably should have gone into LumperDawgz post on the subject but since He hasn't been around in awhile I figured I'd start a new thread. Thanks in advance for any input:wave:

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    I'm on my third crop with LD's soil mix protocol. The only difference is that I use a premixed organic seed meal fertilizer rather than buying individual bags of different meals. I use Dr. Earth's Blended Organic Fertilizer. I use the All Purpose Blend in my initial soil mix, and make a tea with the Organic 8 Bud & Bloom Booster for flowering. I also add mychorrizal fungi spores into the planting holes on transplant.

    I brew an AACT with worm casts, and apply it about every 2 weeks, along with a couple of foliar sprays. I use molasses (1tsp/ga) in between the worm tea apps, and I occasionally fertilize with a hydrolyzed fish/kelp fertilizer and that's it. I don't use fish emulsions as they are processed with heat which kills enzymes. Down to Earth in Eugene, OR , Drammatic, and Neptune's Harvest from the east coast all have a good hydrolyzed fish/kelp fertilizer for organic growers.

    Benefits of Hydrolyzed Fish Fertilizer

    My first grow with LD's soil system is in my sig.

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