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Anyone use their parents money to buy bud?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Helljumper, Nov 17, 2011.

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    I'm a college student. My university is only about a 1-2 hour drive away from home so I occasionally go home on the weekends. Whenever I go home, my parents give me money (usually about $40) just to buy food and stuff like that while I'm away at school. But right now, I just used the $40 they gave me to buy bud.

    I kinda feel bad about it since I know they'd be disappointed if they found out what I was using for it. I was just wondering if anyone else has done this. In your opinion, is this wrong of me?

    (Note: I am NOT taking the money. I don't even ask for it. To be honest, if I declined the money, my mom would probably force me to take it or sneak it into my wallet. They just give it to me just because they like me to have cash on me for emergencies and food. Also, I don't have a job because I'm usually swamped with school work).
  2. yes, you are being deceitful.
  3. Are you addicted? Food money is for food, weed money is for weed.
  4. Yes and no, to answer your question. Your parents may be really hurting for cash, but want you to have that for emergencies. Extra money for you may mean one less meal for them. However, they may be well off and not need that money so they just let you have it.
    How about next week you only take 20 and just buy half what you got last time?
  5. Been there when I was like 16..... but I make my own money now to grab pots.
  6. No you are not. They are giving you that money and they aren't telling you specifically what to use it for. You are spending it on a kind of entertainment, you could be wasting it on movies, mcdonalds, video games or whatever instead of bud. Your an adult, and I really don't think just because your parents have low opinion of weed that you are doing anything wrong. It's your money after its given to you and not really much of their business.

    Now if you had told them you needed 150 to buy a book and got a half ounce in stead, you would be deceitful.
  7. Fuck yeah, when i was younger all the money i got from my parents went strictly to bud. I rather waste it on something i enjoy rather than some junk food or going to the movies (unless it was with a babe ;))
  8. To clarify, this isn't something I do all the time. I don't ONLY buy weed with their money. I usually get about $40 worth of weed a month. So for about every $100 they give me, I spend $40 of it on weed and the rest for what they intended the money for.

    Also, it's not really like I'm only using their money. I have a decent amount of money saved up. Last weekend, my parents gave me $40. Today, I took out $40 from the money that I had saved up and bought a video game. Afterwards, I picked up. Technically, I might've used my money for the weed and theirs for the video game (they probably wouldn't have a problem with me spending the money on a video game every now and then).

    It's just that having the extra cash that they give me kinda allows me to afford the weed. For example, if they didn't give me any money, I would've probably just got the video game and went a week or two without weed.
  9. I feel terrible doing this as well. Ever since I have been unemployed and have been searching my ass off for a job the last four months, my parents will give me 20 - 30 bucks over the week. Most the time, I use that for just food, but every once in a while, i might but 10 bucks worth of dirt weed with it. I have been asking people for gas money recently and using that money for medicinal pot. :smoke:
  10. Ard. What are you trying to prove? We all already said that you aren't deceitful and you are fine. Grow a pair.
  11. fuck that i just use my dads weed lol
  12. i think a lot of people use allowance for bud. i know i do and have several friends who also do.
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    I use my parents money, i dont see a problem with it as long as your earning it and not begging for handouts.

    Edit: Just read the OP, yea i dont see why not.. Theyre giving it to u, fuggit..
  14. Dude fuck it it's free money buy bud
  15. Thanks for being so nice about it...

    I think it's pretty obvious that I still feel kinda bad about it and I'm trying to justify it to myself. I made that post before I read the other responses. I wanted to get all the info out so anyone reading this topic could make an informed comment. I just want some reassurance/support or someone to set me straight and explain why I shouldn't do it.

  16. ^That means you're a good guy at heart.

    Can't say it's never been done.

    I don't see too much wrong with it as long as you keep the majority of the money to spend on what it was meant to be spent on.
    BUT Don't do it if you don't have to ;):smoke:
  17. when i was in school and living with my parents i did that with my das money my moms money my grandparents money hell one time my principle gave me five bucks to go get lunch and i went and bought a blunt. and went back to school blown
  18. I used to in highschool before I got my job. Ever since that lucky day when I was 15, I've been buying bud with money I earn myself.

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