Anyone use miracle grow soil for their indoor grow?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DevilRed, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. Just got me three big old bag's of this stuff for free from K-Mart. I went in to buy one little $1.50 bag of reg potting soil (literally my pot soil) and the guy asked me if I wanted the last three large bags for free, just to get rid of them.

    My words were, "hell yea, ill take them"

    My guess its prob some good shit for over $5 a bag selling price.

    Ive put three clones in 3, 3 gallon pales with this stuff, super light fluffy.

    Anyone had bad , or good luck with it? I just hope the ferts in it don't monkey funk my young girls.

  2. should work, youre going to have to provide nutrients after the 3-4th week. hey your clones, did they have roots, or did you just put them in the soil?
  3. just make sure it drains well and dont get waterlogged easy. cut it with some sand if ur worried about it being to rich.
  4. Ive used it successfully time after time dont worry about it.

    Add perlite to it and it makes a good soil mix. Mix the pearlite to a ratio of 50/50 it clumps band causing root rot if you dont.

    good score though
  5. hmm...if you do a search, you'll see alotta people have had problems with miracle grow soil/ferts...too many salts and such...It may work..but it'll be wise to flush from time to time and keep a careful watch on the PH..
    get yourself a ph moniter if you dont have one..should keep it around6.5-7 ph..n its all good.

    gl..if you have other soils I suggest using theminstead and saving yourself some hassel.
  6. It is some nice stuff, really got a lot of organic stuff in it. It does seem to hold water though. Im going to have to go light with the waterings
  7. isnt it supposed to have a buncha nutrients in it already? Which wouldnt be good for a brand new seedling, right?

  8. when new roots grow from a seedling they ajust to the soil that they r growing in and the nutes in soil take time to release so rich soil is ok 4 a seedling aslong as the ph and draniage is ok. its adding nutes (feed or compost) to a plant thats growing thats more likely to burn the roots.
  9. ok, sorry
  10. dont b sorry, its a valid point and atleast u had the honesty to say u wasnt sure rather than spout it as fact. and anyway some soils r better 4 seedlings than others, soil that isnt as rich will encorage the roots to go looking 4 nutes. thing is tho cannabis is a weed and will grow in allmost anything. if hes got the stuff then use it is wot i say.
  11. im growing fourteen plants in that shit nright now, and and they are in all three stages, shows no burn, and plants are doing wonderfully, i would say to water slightly tho...

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