Anyone use Great White?

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  1. Just got it today. Sprinkled a good bit in my cooking soil, deffenatly gonna root dust when I transplant to flower..... but wat about watering in now for the veggers? 1 gallon pots 50ff 25ewc 15humus 10perlite % using teas and water ro any suggestions? ??????? Thnx bro
  2. seriously you guy's this shit made my plant's get huge root's after i started using great white.
  3. Is the cheap myco on ebay just as good as great white?

  4. not sure but the great white has a list of like 20 thing's different fungi and shit and how much is in it and it has directions for all applications of growing.. with the big bag off ebay you get any instructions or info on the product?? but that being said i use the shit out of great white so i big bag of the same stuff would be cool but i just dont know .
  5. I'd rather buy the tested and proven great white. I'm about to use it dusting roots here in about a week. I personally would spend my money on the name and tested before they cheap route
  6. fo sho i just use the shit out of it, but i swear by it... i have seen the results HUGE ROOT'S
  7. Heres what it says

    Endo Mycorrhizal Benefecial Fungi. Highly beneficial soil fungus when applied to plant roots. Once applied, it coexists with the plants roots throughout its entire life. The mycorrhizae actively helps obtain nutrients and moisture from the soil resulting in in faster growth.
    6 ounces of mycorrhizae from the species: Glomus intradicces - 134 spores per gram. This specie is the best of the mycorrhizal varieties available.

    There are no sources of trichoderma in this product. Trichoderma overtakes other species and doesn't provide any benefits to the plants.

    This is a granular product, we recommend using 1 tablespoon per plant during transplant.

    134 Spores per gram compared to Xtreme Gardening Mykos 80 Spores per gram.

    No trichoderma is that good for weed? Just wondering prob gonna grab some great white since i used all of it..seems it has way more stuff in it
  8. extreme gardening mykos is ok and much cheaper but great white > mykos
  9. I used Great White a few cycles back and had wonderful results.  My roots were never healthier than the 2 cycles that I used it.  I am currently trying to get more, but the economy hit me hard and I'm still not working again yet.  Ah well.  Whatever.  Don't want to get side tracked.  The point was my personal experiences with Great White have been wonderful and I intend to try some of their other products as well, like Jellyfish, and Orca.  Also sound like wonderful products!
  10. Just picked up a 4oz and I was hearing wonderful things about this product here in Hawaii! I believe this stack with azos and green gro ultra fine and your good to go... I will keep up the updates...
  11. Stuffs amazing I highly recommend it I run along a root stimulator like rhizotonic and results seem to be greater root mass

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  12. P.S- I use it every time I put up usually around three times during veg

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