Anyone use Great White?

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  1. I been thinking about trying his product out bc of its beneficial bacteria and michrocyze(sp?)

    Has anyone on here tried it..espcially with were the results and how muh do you usually use.
  2. I just started using it about 48 hours ago in my DWC. I can see it helping my problem. All the pictures I have seen with plants that do and dont have it, I would say that it works.
  3. yea i just picked up a 4 oz botte of it yesterday.I thought it wouldnt last me long but after seeing that for hydro you only need 1 scoop every 10 gal an only use it every couple weeks and also stop 4 weeks before harvest this stuff should last.

    Cant wait to start using it and see how it does.i heard great things bout it.
  4. I cant use it the entire time.....shit im about 4 weeks to harvest.
  5. I started using this on my latest cycle. I found that this product can raise your ph levels if not used properly. On my previous 4 cycles I never had any ph issues and the instructions do not say anything about ph. However after fighting a constant high ph problem, i did some research here and found that when the beneficial bacteria gets below 65 deg, it goes up in ph. So make sure you have a resavoir heater and keep it around 70 deg.
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    lol. I have res. temp issues myself, not enough ventilation i think. Im running one 400W hps and my air temp is in the 80's. res temp about 73 or higher. I gotta watch it all the time. They guy who sold me the stuff uses it in a aero set up in front of his shop in the windo, doesnt check ph, and res. is clear. he hever has issues becauses he uses this stuff. his roots looked great. but of course he wasnt growing our kinda herb.
  7. my resevior temps stay in the 70's and when i water its when lights are on so the rooms a little bit ambient temps are never in the 60's when lights are on lol.
    Your ph issues may also be related to algae growing on the pump/lines/resevior..algae rases ph and even with my all black tupprware/lid i still get some algae looking stuff on the pump and bottom of resevior.after each day the ph can go up slightly,lke a few tenths of a point.thats why i ph every day.
  8. I insluated my bucket and I have kept the res at about 65 for the last two days. I think the slim was a build up of nutes in the water. I wasnt really getting any nute burn until the last gew weeks so I am really cutting off the amount I put in my res. so far no slime. It wasnt alge.
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    I use Great White. It's fantastic stuff! It's one of those products that I deem a "must use" type of thing. I'd never grow without it. I use it at the recommended application rate for drenching, 1/2 tsp per gallon. I apply once every 2 weeks and at same time as any transplant, whichever comes first. I start from seedling/clone and continue until 4 weeks prior to harvest.

    My setup is just straight up coco not cut with anything else, and I hand water.
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  10. Will someone please explain what this stuff does? Haha
  11. Neverminde! I just gogled it. Haha sounds like a Pritty good product. I'm Gunna grab it from the store Tomarrow. Haha
  12. You don't have to worry about ur plant being more likely to overdose do u?
  13. ok so whats the deal with not using this the last 4 weeks of the grow...I cant find that anywhere.
  14. It's a root stimulator for clones I believe. Like in an aero bucket spraying thevunderside of a bunch of clippings. Pretty sure....
  15. it's not just for clones.....people use thia type of stuff with allkinds of plants to achieve better growth above and below the ground.
    If this stuff won't hurt my harvest then ima use it to the end. Just wish I could find out why people say to stop using it
  16. Im saying stop use 4 weeks before harvast bc thats what the directions on a great white card says that i picked up at the local hydro shop when i bought the great says use every 2 weeks and stop use 4 weeks before harvast.if you got questions why to stop use call them up.

    Its a great product bc it creats a living organism enviroment in the medium.I just started using it on my ladies that are a couple weeks into flower and they seem to be doing great!I heard the roots get to be pure white so i ll check em when i chop em and dump the pots.
  17. I didnt get a card just the bottle it came in and couldent find a whole lot of info on it thanx.
  18. Use it all the way up to flush. Its just microbes for the medium, which in turn break down chemical compounds making them available to the plants roots for uptake.
  19. So when u mix this in ur water it's 1 scoop for every 10 gallons. How much should I do if I only have a galon carton to mix in?!
  20. Just use the drenching directions. 1/2 tsp per gallon.

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