Anyone try this?

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  1. I'm pretty disabled and this is my first grow I have four plants from Northern lights Nirvana shop 600w 4x4 tent. Obviously I've learned a hell of a lot because just like everything else in my life I tackle it 110% and I am pretty much overwhelmed at times but one of the big things is reservoir changes as you all may know.

    I've tried hundred dollar water transfer pumps, I tried to cheapo's, I tried just about everything and I came across this little guy I seen before but this time I snatched it and it really made a big difference for me starting tonight.

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  2. cool xx
  3. I have a ruptured disc in my back and I've had multiple back surgeries. I keep my water/nutrients in 5 gallon containers and I can't hold them up to fill the bin without risking injury.
    I use the exact same pump for fluid transfer. Make sure the hose is seated well, because it can blast out. Also, I use clips to keep the hoses in place while I pump.
    It works well for my needs.
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  4. Brilluant. Glad to see that ya have come up wi a solution that helps. Many others wood av given in and stop growing or stopped doun other things due to injuries etc. Ya dun a good job and ya are doin a good job. Well done. Hope ya health stays stable and good love. All the best to you xx

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