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Anyone try rolling like this?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kshock, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. So im out of papers right now and I really dont want to smoke my bubbler because its dirty and i want a new peice. So i decided to take a cigarette and take all of the tobacco out of it while keeping it still rolled and i packed in buds very tightly (it looks like a cig). I was wondering if i should leave the filter on to smoke it or take it off and close it like a J.

    didnt know if the filter would filter out thc too or not
  2. If you are smoking it in Public and you don't want to look obvious, keep the filter on. If you are chilling at home then take it off. If you are smoking the dank, it will likely clog the filter anyways due to the high thc content of the weed.
  3. I'm pretty sure it does filter out the thc.
  4. yeah i just finished smoking it. It was alot harder to pull with the filter on so i ripped it off and had to deal with the leftover tobacco in my mouth while i was smoking it. it worked really well though
  5. if i were you i would definately take it out
  6. indeed it does. take the cotton (or whatever the filter is made of) out of the cigarette and stick some thinish cardboard in there. that way it will still look like a cigarette but the thc wont be filtered out.
  7. Yeah, me and my friends used to do that back in the day. I haven't done it in awhile, although we do stuff swishers like that.
  8. filter off.
    it hits harder/better
  9. i used to do that with marlboro's cause you could stick a hot pin in the filter, it melts onto the pin, then you could just pull the filter out without loosing the obvious yellow paper that makes it look like a cigg. then make a filter outta paper for reinforcement.
  10. ya id say never smoke with the whole filter on. when i first started smoking i cut most of the filter off n just left a tiny bit left so i still got great hits without getting shit in my mouth

    but bubblers and pipes are the way to go
  11. Why not just get some salt, rubbing alcohol and a plastic bag, and clean your bubbler instead of buying a new piece? All pieces get dirty, I clean my bubbler every day, it comes out like brand new using salt, alcohol and a bag to shake it in,.
  12. or you could roll a joint, or just clean your piece like he said
  13. the filter does take out some thc or so i heard but you can just pull that carbon shit or what ever it is out so its hollow.
  14. Take the filter out. FYI, packing weed in cigarette papers wastes a lot of weed. It takes a lot more weed to pack, and you can never get it to burn slow like a nicely rolled joined.

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