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  1. I know this isn't a seed bank, but I wasn't sure which category to put this question under. I was wondering if anyone has ordered clones from San Diego Clones | Buy San Diego Clones For Sale ( and how there experience was with the company. If I try the company before anyone posts I'll let you know how it goes.
  2. Hi,, I realize I am late on this, but just purchased some clones from and it was a HUGE Bust!

    First, they hiked the prices and minimum order up from what is stated on their website,, Then they have you meet their driver in a crowded parking lot, so its already kinda weird, and not like you can just start inspecting clones. These were the worst looking things I have seen. I was refused a refund, and told to stop complaining about a couple of messed up leaves.

    Wont use them again, They are obviously not in the business of helping patients.

    Try this one -> SDCC: San Diego Clone Conservatory
  3. Wow, sorry about your bad experience. Hopefully this will be a message to other people in San Diego not to use these guys. Thanks for letting me know.

    I just noticed they offer to sell up to 71 clones without a caretaker ID. Major red flag considering CA law allows patients only 6 mature or 12 immature plants.

    Is this something you can report to the Better Business Bureau? I'm doubting it because MMJ is still federally illegal.
  4. Yes, we are working on reporting them. I also just had another look at their website as it seems to change on a weekly basis, and they actually bash other dispensaries on their home page, which I think is pretty Low Brow considering we are all supposed to be in this together.

    We are finding out that its only one guy who does not have a Place of business, he just brokers for some growers, which is why you have to meet in various parking lots, and also why the costs and minimums keep changing, cause he cant figure it out, and certainly does not honor any of the promises they make on the site. The second we ask for a refund, he turned into a 3 year old and started sending threatening texts to my wife. It was a very strange and unnecessary experience. He also admitted to me that he is not a grower and does not understand what I mean, when I tell him the plants are showing clear signs of Nute Deficiency, Burn and Heat Stress.

    This guy is the exact reason the feds are all over our ass, and he is ruining it for everyone.

    Good luck to you on your grow!!
  5. sounds like the punk needs to get "rolled" in one of those parking lots....
  6. I just got burned by these guys too. The crowded parking lot thing definitely threw me off and I didn't inspect the clones. Got home and realized: No roots.
    At the moment I'm still trying to get the unrooted clones to show some roots.
    Horrible place to do business with. And a last minute delivery charge (that I was told would be waived since I drove from OC) made things even more retarded.
    Stay away.

  7. Be sure to continue to spread the word. emarijanaclones (Paul) is the reason why the feds are winning. They certainly aren't in the business of helping patients.

    We too got one that had no roots and when we sent him a picture of it, he said that we pulled the roots out (even though obviously no roots coming out the rapid rooters either) - What a DICK! The guy has some cheesy SEO Business also, so he is just ripping people off all over the place.

    If you can, continue to treat them like newly cloned plants and try to get them to root. You may need a humidity dome and some low lighting, along with some patience.

    Hope they pull through for you!!
  8. I sure hope nothing bad happens to the sleazy slime-ball profiteering would be a bad thing if he had a serious body wrecking incident...;)
  9. Just one more reason to buy seeds :smoke:

  10. seed can go a long long way...unlimited clones ya know...;):hello:
  11. I would never buy clones, done it in the past but I'd much rather grow from seed. I like growing from seed much more and they are easier to ship. As you said you can start your own clone army, without PM or disease which are often found in bought in clones.

    Fook those clone only strains :smoke:
  12. every single mite infestation i have had, can be attributed to clones entering my grow. be them cannabis or other plants ( Salvia D.).
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    this is scott with igs hydro in san diego and i just got to this forum posting and starting busting up. eclones looks like they help half of the state lol so it's funny to see such lame complaints oh i had one clone with no roots haha. oh a delivery fee omg oh no!!! hilarious to me bc i tried them and saved $100s by not having to buy seeds and literally theyre right here in san diego too. then we have some info about paul and a seo business now everyone is it a mystery that eclones has some web help? do websites come about from praying really hard? anyways, ive tried them all sdcc and clone queen and craigs and budtrader and i ask anyone to name a better place to get clones in san diego? all i read was to buy seeds and i think that's very profound. lets by seeds at $25 a pop and wait an extra month. needless to say after the shops have closed what collective is going to support all the 100s of new growers looking to start their new gardens? it appears we have some haters and some people who spent their lunch money.

    best regards, igs
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    Piss off shill..

    EDIT: FTR I don't give a rats ass about Eclones WTF ever

    But Scott are you really gonna come on here an disregard seeds ? where do you think all those great fucking clones you are espousing came from ?
  15. im not dogging seeds, in fact if you look at the eclones page they advertise themselves as offering the results of their seed expeditions. i was merely commenting that for many people seeds are not an option. many patients cannot spend $25 for each seed and then not have them germinate. i also love to hear when patients complain about no roots when seeds have no roots either. it's all good i just chimed in bc i actually run a hydro store and so little turds on these forums ranting about "rolling" up on people is not only sad, but it's illegal and it's a bit funny too. people claim how much paul is making and no one knows paul and i think everyone who grows pot is invited to start cloning and make the big bux if that's what is assumed. any idiot thinking there's money in clones when seeds are being sold for more has no common sense. also one plant can yield enough flowers to pay for an order of clones that how i feel about it. long story short is i was happy and i think a lot of other people are too for them to be around so long. i tend to believe the reputable collective over the random closet or garage grower.
  16. Fuckin SoCal ...................... Gods gift to everything :rolleyes:

    I'm bettin you're full of shit

    here is why

    25 bucks per seed is bogus bullshit ..and if you were in the biz, you'd bloody fucking know that.

    What?? Sub and Swerve's gear now going for 250 $ a ten pack ? Not likely..

    I can only name only a handful of strains that go for 200+ a pack . While thousands of strains sell for 5-10 bucks per seed( 50-100 bucks per 10 pack) ...

    mean while .......

    Buy San Diego Marijuana Clones For Sale | Cannabis Clones bout half way down the page.

    so mon ami, which is more expensive now, huh ? :poke:
  17. oh if you want to buy crappy seeds ya theyre much less. i was talking about legit genetics. they sell single pack seeds for $30 moron. looks like you hardly know jack sh*t. wow and you can copy and past miraculous work there.

    wow and you confirmed that plants costs less than seeds hahah. comparing plants to seeds what a moron. you cant win this argument idiot, otherwise those folks would have been out of business ages ago. if theyve been around 3 years something must be right. anyone can make a site and post those pricing, is there something else missing?

    hmmm, lets think for sec. im thinking it must be the quality of genetics and clones. one bad forum posting in 3 years time not bad either.

  18. Are you saying Subcool, Swerve, Bodhi, and Gage Green have bogus genetics??? They are all around $100 or less per 10 pack. Fuck your clones with a big rubber dick.
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    when did i say that? i said if youre buying large packs of random seeds and want to grow male plants then that's your thing. the rest of us get clones. i simply was responding to the idiots dogging an entire collective over one clone not having roots that's pathetic. or an idiot driving from OC to san diego who the hell forced him to do that. he must have been impressed by the site and drove down and his ONE complaint was a delivery fee. so many growers are broke as hell just struggling to peddle pot locally and all they can do is rant on small forums like this. well lamont you have 3 green bars after 262 posts well done. maybe one day youll be super cool like wharfrat with +4600 posts and clearly no life. anyone buying seeds that are less than $10/ea cannot be feminized or cannot be new genetics. also have you gone into anything about the fact that seeds take awhile to get? or take awhile to germinate? or do not work well for new growers and patients? what are you trying to prove? seeds are a better option? that's a case by case conclusion idiot, if youre happy with seeds then god bless you and your red bandana.

  20. and I quote "I'm not dogging seeds.."

    dude you're a joke ...
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