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Anyone reppin Jacksonville Fl?

Discussion in 'General' started by boothby, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. Just out here in ponte vedra beach  looking for fools in jax beach to burn with got 11 g of purple diesel and wana blow also looking for wax so hmu we can figure it out

  2. I stay dabbin in the 904! At least most of the year, I got to University there.  Right now Im out of state for the next week or so, but be careful with the concentrate scene, most of the people around this area are new to it and make a nasty product.  That's why I've been blowing my own fire for quite some time now 
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  3. The new-age of drug dealing is fuckin' with my head.
    Oh, and those fuckin' rules again. :cool:
  4. Get out while you still can!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I'm in Jax
    No love for Jax? lol
  7. My home town, I love Jax gonna go there this weekend.
    Naww man, not much.
    Lol I feel you bro. I got about another year here to finish college and I'm out of here. It's the people here that I can't tolerate.... Jax breeds a special kind of ignorance 
    Sounds like Jax taught you what it has to offer. Now finish school and HAUL ASS.
  11. My Daddy was from Jacksonville! And I spent some lovely summers there as a child, slapping mosquitoes while fishing on Brown's Creek! I wonder if that old pier with the shack is still there?  We mostly lived on watermelon, fried fish and grits! lol And we filled Grandma's freezer with our catches (boy, I got tired of cleaning fish!)
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    Against the rules to ask for hookups

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