Anyone Play Runescape?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by GreenSkiesAbove, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. Runescape is one of my favourite games to play stoned, how about you guys?
    Any Runescape players here?
    Any stoner clans in Runescape? lol
    Stay Green~ :smoke: 

  2. I haven't played runescape since I was in middle school I think o_O that was at least 11-13 years ago lol
  3. I've played it on and off for about 6 years now, its gotten better and better.. its still real nostalgic.
  4. Yeah I still play all the time.

    PM me "GenghisChron".

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  5. I'll see you around in game then!   Im currently playing Hardcore Ironman mode  :bongin:
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    I only hop on servers to hybrid those days.

    These new failbrids think they're the shit :p

    I really like the community apart from the pking community though.
  7. No I have a life.
  8. Not since ~2007ish. I wasn't a fan of the big updates and I moved on to other things. But it was a lot of fun back then. 
  9. Jusy made a character been playing since runescape classic when all character models were still 2d. Havent played since probably 07 or 08 however and looking forward to see how thr game has changed. Id = psylosin

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  10. I used to play but that shit sucks you in. I can't go back.
  11. I was really into it in middle school too, back in the days of the little paper thin looking mofos lol

    I played pretty consistently up until awhile after the 3d update... I have played it maybe 3 times since then I wonder if I remember my password lol

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  12. I played from the age of 12-21 off and on, but the good days are long gone on that :(
  13. Your life consists of finding different ways to occupy your time till death.
  14. I hated eoc to much because I had two men counts both PvP and now there worthless it made me to mad can't go back
  15. I "played" until the infamous bot crackdown

    any old rsbuddy members here? That was a sick community

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    I could play again. I have an account with at least 2-3 99's and a (was large when I left) bank account up there

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