Anyone Order From GC?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Mariguanaman, May 28, 2010.

  1. Just got my shipping notice. wondering if anyone remembers how long it to from the day they shipped it til the day u got it?
  2. lol go figure not 5 mins after i get that i get an email saying that that 10% discont online is now 20% lol guess i gotta buy more shit
  3. I would like a water pipe. I guess a bong too. If i get a water pipe, I'm going to get one off ebay from 15th century China. They are silver and have ruby and emerald inlays. They used to be cheap but with silver prices rising, they're a bit costly these days.
  4. I ordered a piece on the 12th and it got here yesterday!:hello:
  5. whatd ya get?any pics up?
  6. Ordered May 2, still haven't got my order. the worst part is that it's only a few small things, like a bullet and roller.
  7. that sucks i ordered a ashcatcher and carbon filter for my gf for our anniverary(june 4th) gunna be late but w/e she wont mind
  8. mine took about 3 weeks but for the price and it coming from across the ocean the wait was acceptable.if you can find a local headshop do it. it would be nice if GC got a shop in the US!:hello:
  9. gunna be the longest 3 weeks ever. ur not to far from me as i am in GA so im gunna guess the same time frame

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