Anyone Offered The Pizza Delivery Man A Hit?

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by portfool2332, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. I've always wanted to do this but have either been too nervous about his well being after and if he reports me or shuts the offer down (very stupid, but you never know).
    I got a pizza on it's way and I am tempted......
    Give me all your experiences if you got any.
    Go Spurs!

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    Damn, the dude took the hit like a champ. He clearly had some experience.
    I felt the situation out but I could clearly tell he was down.
    The pizza looks goooood!
    I wonder if where I bought it from had anything to do with it.
    My guess is yes. The cheaper the pizza joint the better your chances are they are 420 friendly, in my opinion. I usually refuse to buy pizza from chains but I was too hungry to wait on a local independent.
    GO SPURS! 
  3. No, but I smoked out the internet repair guy once.
  4. Delivery drivers are usually down for free pot. Nobody will report you unless they're a total jerk.
  5. I never have offered them a hit. But 4/20 last year my friend ordered pizza and we got super baked. I answered the door and the guy said "whoa i know what you guys doin haha". But hell yeah go Spurs!
  6. I smoked out a mailman once.
     And a landscaper next door that got yelled at by his asshole boss for no reason.  
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    It's too risky. Plus, I'm so paranoid when im high so no way. But if he asks, sure !
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    ive offered quite a few times.  once i ordered while a friend was working and smoked a blunt with him when he got to the house.  unfortunately he got back to work and promptly sent me a text, "dude im too high for this shit"
    on a side note, this thread is really making me want to cash in my free papa j's pizza just to try.  the delivery guys from there always seem like they'd be down but i'm usually not smoking or dry when i order.  i think i'll try smoking out a pizza guy tonight.  pizza and hockey sounds good anyway.
    EDIT:  pizza just got here and i offered.  guy said he quit a few months ago.  did have like a 10 minute discussion about music though, so that's cool.
    EDIT2: i dont know if i'm just really high, but the pizza is tasty as hell too.
  9. haha this thread is awesome.   I always pick my pizza up, so don't see me trying this one lol
  10. the delivery driver for a sub shop down the road from my old place used to live in the apartment i had years before i moved in. he hated the land lords though.

    he always took a hit instead of a cash tip, dude was pushing 60 lol
  11. hell no dude never offer someone u dont know a hit. u might get mono and shit
    haha. You for real?
    I'm always safe about taking a hit after another but I can't count the times I have been within a group of friends and strangers and shared a joint or bong smoke. It's not like I am sticking my shlong in a girl raw. You can pretty crearly tell who you shouldn't be sharing a joint with. You must be one paranoid bastard.
    I'm glad all the views this thread has gotten. I am tempted to video tape my next pizza delivery experience, without showing any faces, of course.
    Go undercover. Yeeeeaaahhhh!
  13. Sounds fun, I wouldn't try it, too paranoid the dude would say something or come back when you're out looking to steal your stash.  
    Oh and also, Go Heat! :D
  14. I want this thread to take off.
    Unite GC with all employees who deliver pizza. Everywhere. Hahaha
  15. Done it several times.
    Works great when you don't have extra cash for a tip.
  16. If he looks like a thug or has dreads then I'll offer a hit. I might consider doing this on my trip to Atlanta. Which is next year in July. -__-
  17. when i used to deliver pizza on a college campus, i would have kids who offered me to smoke. i would never turn them down. :smoking:
    on the contrary, i have had only big bills before with exact change for the food, and ill be damned if i leave a $20 tip,, ive hooked it up with a funky tip before. never have been turned down :D
  18. Thought about it, never have.
  19. I really wanna try now. Record the delivery guy hittin a bong lol
  20. No I have not but me and my buddy were walking back to his house and noticed a landscaper that we see a lot and asked him what kind of music he liked and we started playing it EXTRA loud for him. Offered him a toke and he smoked a bowl with us. Dude was really quite but can you blame him? Haha

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