Anyone Notice More Commericals On Youtube?

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  1. I swear the last month or so i have seen a huge increase in adds on youtube videos. It seems like there's more and more 30 second adds that you can't skip also. It's getting really annoying, and after hearing all of this talk of some pay to view format in the works on youtube, i am beginning to fear that youtube is going to become a completely commercialized site. The popular, mainstream parts of youtube are already commericalized, but im starting to see adds on more and more videos that have never had adds before. I already put up with 5 minute commerical breaks on live TV, i can't stand having to watch adds online. 
    So have you guys noticed more youtube commercials as well? Info/thoughts/concerns on youtubes future plans?

  2. google bought out youtube soooo nothing we can really do. unless we all stop using it, like what happened to myspace
  3. I downloaded some shit, forget what it's called, so I have pretty much no ads like that anymore. It's nice.
  4. There are several browser ad-ons available for free that prevent YouTube advertisements.
    Also there used to be a setting on YouTube where you could just disable advertisements that way.
    It was in the upload video area on your account page.
  5. Download AdBlock. No more commercials on Youtube.
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    It's mainly the people who have signed up as an 'affiliate/partner' or those people who have monetized their videos... in other words, it's the uploader and owner of the video who added the commercial, not youtube. It gets them more overall views because youtube wants their advertisers and commercials to be seen when a member allows it, and the member gets paid, so because of this we're seeing a lot more ads, and the people who don't pay for advertising or do not become affiliates themselves, usually don't get nearly as many hits as they once did because their videos are buried under those with advertising.
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    Yea, they got really annoying recently. I sucked it up and ignored them until I started getting hit with two or three 30 second ads in a single video (longer videos, anyway). It is up to the person uploading the video as stated above, but I still don't recall the ads always being so intrusive. I don't mind the text pop-up ads, but I'm guessing the Youtube users don't get as much money off those as they would with longer advertisements?
    Ironically (based on the previous poster saying that Google bought out Youtube), I'm using an adblocker for Google Chrome that seems to block all the ads now. :) I believe Firefox and Safari both have something similar. 
  8. No, I haven't seen a single one
  9. Ohhh thats why I have no ads on youtube! I thought it only blocked pop ups and YouTube just realised how annoying it is lmao.
    Yeah download adblock then

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  10. adblock plus haven't seen a single add since i got it
    Yeah man it's great. If you have a rooted Android phone you can download AdAway (might have to sideload it, but the APK is found easily with Google) and it will similarly block ads in apps, as well as commercials/ads in the YouTube app.
    If you have an iPhone, well, enjoy your ads :p
  12. fucking sweet!
  13. yup ads on xbox youtube has gotten outta hand
  14. adblock plus man google chrome......dont remember the lst time i watched or seen an ad on the web
  15. i also use adblock, its the best add on for chrome i have installed so far.
  16. you mean you just noticed? Its been going on for like 2 years dude. I dont use adblock but yeah its fuckin stupid. Fuck vevo
  17. Not so much youtube because I use ad blocker but I need to have it off on Blip and it is annoying.

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