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anyone not use lighters?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Gosk8, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. I tried hempwick once...then lost it while high. what do you guys use other than lighters? I vape sometimes but I like my bong rips and even though I corner it I still feel like I torch alot of my good good
  2. With the amount I smoke hemp wick is the best way to enjoy the bud without the taste of butane in the hit. Beeline hemp wick is the way to go
  3. I got my total hempwick and my MFLB so I rarely inhale butane
  4. hempwick FTW ! butane will cause spinal chord problem and fuck up all my orgnan

    i hate the taste of butane on my puffs

    i like hempwick taste more but ive found out that the first puff still not taste 100% weed so i dont inhale it really. Just the 2nd do you guy do this too?
  5. i always use lighters. Hempwicks aren't good for me because i'm always on the move usually driving. if i was able to smoke at home and not worry about shit then yes i would use a hempwick.
  6. I prefer those small wooden matches when I smoke my pipe. I vape otherwise.

  7. i've always noticed im hitting some lighter fluid. i always use lighters, but im going to try hemp wick.
  8. Hempwick is certainly where its at. But on the go I suffer through the butane taste... Seen people use matches but they don't let it burn to the wood and all I can think is that they are just getting a lung full of phosphorus smoke...

  9. you Could always wrap some around your lighter , its fast and really easy acces. but in public it can certainly look suspicious :smoking:
  10. I use either a lighter or a hemp wick when I smoke joints but if I'm ripping my bong it's the herb iron all the way.
  11. I use a bic everyday, my friends use this stuff called hemp-wick they say its cleaner but at this point I dont see no difference. Its just an extra step for me.
  12. ive read on a thread here on GC that alot of hempwick can be just as bad for you as butane. Personally i dont know if i believe that or not but either way i usually just use a bic lighter. Ive always figured as long as you arent holding the lighter upside down and torching the bowl you'll be alright.
  13. You could always hot hit or invest in an herb iron. I believe it is totally worth it. But maybe that's because I started using oils so i now really hate the taste of combustion
  14. I usually use flint and steel to get my herb lit.....jk lol
  15. I also like hempwicks, another cool thing to try in the summer or whenever it is sunny in your location is a magnifying glass! Makes bud taste great and gets you really blown.
  16. Me and my friend only use Humboldt hempwick when we use my bong. The taste really is worth it. And when you just take some and wrap your lighter in it, it's pretty convenient.
  17. When I used to smoke bowls I used the wick....if you're having trouble keeping track of it OP wrap it around your lighter instead of carrying it the separate pack. But nowadays I just use a lighter since I only smoke joints anymore.
  18. Hempwick puts off to much smoke.. bic lighter FTW
  19. Yeah solar hits are on a different level for sure. Similar to a hot hit, but better IMO. I can only do them for like a third of the yeah though, living in Ohio
  20. I made my own hempwick two nights ago and its the shit i really can tell the difference whenevr i use wooden matches it tastes like phosphorus so i stopped doin that ish.

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