Anyone Made The Move? Or Taken A Trip?

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by GrungeJunkie, May 20, 2013.

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    Hello blades. It occurred to me that most of us here in CO predicted A64 would bring in massive amounts of tourism and residents moving in from other states, but its difficult to tell and I figured Grasscity is a good place to see if we were correct.
    Has anybody moved to/taken a trip to Colorado or Washington in light of the recent pot laws? Or are you planning to in the relatively near future?

  2. I moved here at the end of December. But I lived in Broomfield 3 years ago and have wanted to get back to Colorado ever since I left. 
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    Not yet but , my wife and I have already started saving to move later this fall before Thanksgiving we should be living in CO .
    We live in North Carolina now and Never been out west at all so we are both excited , anxious and a little nervous I guess.
    im tired of spending my days chasing down crackheads to buy weed .
  5. I would love to visit Colorado, but I live in Cali and our weed is better :p
  6. Them's fightin' words!   :smoking: 

    I don't think we'll see much weed tourism until after shops open next year.  I do expect there to be some increase in visitors, but I think the real economic boost will come from people picking up a sack or three while they are already going to be here.  Particularly during ski season next year.
  7. Me and my brother are moving to Boulder next month for 2 months.  Cant wait! 
  8.  I will be one of the guys you see on the news standing in line outside the store on opening day.
  9. I will be making a trip as soon as the shops open! Clearly it has to be done.
    That is pretty debatable. 5-10 years ago? For sure. Today though, I don't know about that. 
  11. im not too far from the southeast border of colorado. I have been waiting fgor the shops to open up and I'm taking a 3 day weekend to celebrate! Im smoking on some lovely buds I got from a friend of a friend that grows in colorado. Im dying to smoke the top shelf and concentrates :bongin:
  12. Planning on relocating within the state for school within the next year
  13. I am Floridian looking to relocate to a legal state .... Any advice?

    Thanks in advance.
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    My opinion . Co or Washington .
    The best being Colorado Because you can grow your own legally . Washington you cant grow your own weed :(
    That's the deal breaker not being able to grow your own in Washington , So I Say Colorado .
  15. Not old enough for that but let me say that legalization immediately put grad schools in CO higher up on my priority list.  Undergrad in middle of nowhere PA sucks and I'd like to not worry about being incarcerated over .1 of bud.
  16. I moved to LA from the East coast also, last summer! Got my medical card like 2 days later hahahah
  17. Agreed..I spent 4 years not smoking marijuana..i've done my time of clarity away from the more. I'm ready to live my life and let it help better my life and not get fucked by these fucking cops...fuckers want to arrest anyone..
    Unemployment rates, and crime going up but they want to bring in 2-3 cops to a vehicle stop and search for fucking stems. I'm sick of people thinking i'm moving JUST for's about the states letting their people decide. Can't be in a state with bullshit attitudes to marijuana.
  18. I'm not planning to move there, but a vacation in Denver or another Co. city sounds like a good idea in the future.   
    Inspiration you give!!
    its been over a month here at the moment that I haven't smoked . Every year I have to quit for various reasons because of the prices , when we move or get sick of buying marijuana from meth heads .
    All I want is to be able to walk into a shop/store and make a legal choice of the bud I want to smoke .
    I live in the bible belt ( North Carolina) and the attitudes here towards weed here are ridiculous  .
  20. I moved here from the Midwest back in November.  Never would take it back.

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