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anyone lose stuff while my sandwich..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sbiyachev, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I think.I ate it...sorry for writing it crappy I'm too high and have munchies like a fukin bitch
  2. lol ive gotten real baked and thought i lost my lighter.

    It was in my hand the hole time lol
  3. i was at a party, i drove there someone else was driving back, and i put my keys in the zipper pocket of my shorts and then when we had to go i couldnt find them for a good 10mins
  4. All the time
  5. I lost the rest of my weed once. Found it in the bin a few days later.
  6. #6 sbiyachev, Aug 2, 2011
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    Haha sounds like Somthing ill do
  7. My mate lost a benner twice......"it just fell out my pocket somewhere".......(facepalm).

    Personally, I always think I've lost my lighter when high....but it always turns out that my jackass friends can never figure out how to stop stealing my lighters....
  8. I haven't lost anything big, but the small stuff, like guitar picks, hair elastics, loose change, my fucking belt, all the damn time it gets lost somewhere.
  9. Yeah man all the time. I'll be searching everywhere for my fuckin' remote and end up finding it right next to me 20 minutes later...
  10. I usually leave my piece lighter and weed out after smoking.

    And then I lose it.

    And then find it on the table like 10 minutes later.
  11. lost a gram of weed when I was high..still pissed about it to this day
  12. my lighter. all the time. damn gym shorts need zipper pockets...
  13. i lose my mind when i'm high.:laughing:
  14. yeah i lost my virginity high once
  15. i lost my phone once, and ended up looking for it with light from my phone in my hand. then 5 minutes later i looked at my hand and i was like "oh..."
  16. #16 S0UR, Aug 2, 2011
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    Wow lol.
  17. I'm high I get a drink sit down, smoke a bowl and say Damn I'm thirsty as fuck. Look around and see a glass of icy Dr. pepper I for got about and drink it.

  18. I found mine in my short pocket. It had been through the wash twice.

    It was wet but it smoked perfectly :smoke:
  19. Lost a gold fish brought it home smoked some weed woke up the next day it was no where to be found...

    ...three days later the room started to stink and we found the fish stuck to the side of a shelf. Lol
  20. I just end up putting stuff in the fridge that doesn't belong there. Mainly things I was smoking with.

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