Anyone lives uptown in New York

Discussion in 'General' started by nicnac370, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. cause i'm thinking grasscity people is a bunch of foreigners from india.
    who lives here.
  2. You do realise the servers are located in the Netherlands, don't you?

    So technically, you are as much as a foreigner as I am...

    And no, sorry, never been to NY :wave:
  3. virginia represent.
  4. north jersey here.. outskirts of NYC
  5. New york native right here :D
  6. Rhode Island in the house
  7. moving to hoboken in 4 months. or JC, or UC, or weehawken or guttenberg lol one of them lil cities.
  8. Born in NYC. There around twice a week.

    Currently this ^
  9. I live around syracuse and sometimes saratoga.
  10. I hate mentioning being from ny and people just assuming I'm from nyc. U know what they say about assuming.. it causes abortions......
    True story
  11. Brooklyn, but I'm in harlem often. I got a bad mommy out there who live in the 130's D Train
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    New York. Thats If theres any hooks in six tree one.
  13. upstate new york, but not the city...
  14. Western NY. 716 yeaa

  15. heyyy me too lol
  16. Give a dog a bone...(will anyone understand?lolol)

  17. Haaa that's awesome!
  18. I live in upstate New York, very upstate. 2ish hours away from Albany.
  19. hey me too!! 716 all day
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    I used to live around amsterdam/ fonda near albany

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