Anyone live in BC? Isn't it great?

Discussion in 'General' started by brwnskinredeyes, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. BC is beautiful
    it just finished raining

    weather is just cold enough to wear a nice cosy jacket, huge ass trees in every direction all different types, flowers,mountains in the horizon with houses on them, lakes and buildings in the distance, the sun is out and to top it off there's a rainbow

    and in the winter :D

    the air is so easy to breathe

    and the weed is just hold on lemma jus, :hippie:

    uh... what was I talking about again?
  2. woo BC! I can't wait until it snows, so I can make an epic snow fort while baked off my ass.
  3. Bud Central indeed
  4. I hope to move out to BC(from Winnipeg) in 5-10 years after university. It's been a dream because you fuckers have the best snowboarding:mad:
  5. im in toronto and bc seems like a dream

    other then the 9guys to 1 girl thing ive heard???
    wtf is that shit

    if true BC losese a few points. like from 10/10 to 8/10 LOL

  6. what?

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