Anyone Live In An Apartment With Neighbors Above/below You?

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  1. I've always wondered if they can smell when I'm smoking in the bathroom. I blow it directly into the vent that leads outside and spray Febreeze after I'm done. The reason I'm asking is because sometimes is smells fucking awful in my bedroom, which is located right under their bathroom so I'm pretty sure I'm smelling that guy when he takes a shit. Anyone have any experience with this? Can't smoke outside because both front and backdoor lead right out to the streets, no yards or privacy of any sort.

  2. above,. and i have roommates. still just blaze in my room
  3. Make a sploof (a paper towel roll with dryer sheets stuffed inside) if you're worried about smell and can't go outside.
  4. it dont work like a bit about HVAC ventilation systems...
  5. Pretty sure the big fan in my bathroom sucks the shit smell outside and not up into their apartment.
  6. I have roomates above and below.. trust me unless your blowing it out into the commons hall then they won't smell anything..
  7. i would just smoke in my room and if anyone upstairs has a problem with it i would then explain i smell their shit every time they dump and that weed smells better
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    I had a friend on the third floor tell me he smelled fresh plants in his bathroom 2 floors above mine.

    Luckily the 2nd floor was vacant or I'd have probably got a visit from the police....

    Moral of the story kids, don't smoke/grow around vents

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