Anyone like E-40?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by StuWrt1, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Any E-40 fans in here?
  2. Before he went commercial he was alright.

    ALRIGHT key word.
  3. i bump 40 water
  4. e fo oh is responsible for about 75 percent of the lingo in hiphop present and past haha
  5. im pretty sure that would be wu-tang. e40 and all other commercial rappers are fucking clowns
  6. E40 go hard I been bumping E40 since the click I bet most of yall dont even know what i'm talking bout
  7. pshhh

    the bay. hell yeah. the bay knows WSUP.
  8. Rapper's Ball is the shiznit, Forty Flamboyants hella dope cool you people listen to him.

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