Anyone know when NAS and DAMIEN MARLEY album drops?

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  1. its called distant relatives... i cant find songs or info anywhere on the internet.. thought it was supposed to be out last year.....
  2. it was supposted to drop last year but they havent put out any new news about it
  3. man i love nas.. and i know the album will be worth the wait.. but that is so typical..
  4. I think Nas and Damien know...

    Sorry. Couldn't resist.
  5. i think march 16, same day as the RED album by Game
  6. lots of good albums dropping in the next few months.

    Don't forget about The Roots. New album rumored to be dropping March 1st.
  7. joell, drake (most anticipated album of 2010), reflection eternal, game, buddens, roots, chamilli, redman, meth/ghost/rae collab

    hopefully gunna be a good summer, bone thugs, black milk, raekwon may have an album
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    im waiting for nas and damian as well as eminem.. "as we are" by nas and damian marley..its the only leaked snippet from the album.

    [ame=""]YouTube- Nas ft. Damian Marley - As We Are [ New Video + Download ][/ame]

    a new one came out 2day called "strong will continue"!! the album is rumored to drop on 4/20! heres the new song.

    [ame=""]YouTube- Nas & Damian Marley - Strong Will Continue[/ame]

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