Anyone know what this could be?

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  1. I feel like its light burn or temp. The top of the plant is about 8 inches from the light. Bottom of the plant looks fine. I just want to make sure its not a nute problem. I was also thinking a co2 problem. The plant hasnt grown much taller in the past week. Nor have these leaves grown bigger.[​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Looks like over watering. Temp and light has factors in that but so does soil drainage.
  3. How often are you watering and how is your drainage? .... looks like over water to me Roots need oxygen

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  4. It appears to be overwatered but yet I notice some leaves look a bit off color. I should ask what type of light you using I have a hps and I never let my plant me no more or no less than 10 inches away

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  5. I water every 4 days. 1 gallon into 5 gallon bucket since i get runoff at this amount. The buckets have a ton of holes drained on the bottom

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  6. You give water only when you can lift container and feel no weight. Weight is water in the soil. They generally droop when too wet or too dry. Post pics taken under natural light so color isn't skewed. Temp plays massive role in overall growth of plant as well as managing the pH of any water or feeds you give. Soil pH range is 6.3 - 6.7 and it keeps roots open and healthy to take up nutrition. Your soil mix is big too. Needs to be super light and arid for killer good drainage and ease of root movement. It's worth the investment to use good prepared grow soil too. These are pretty much basics of keeping a plant happy.
  7. I really didnt check how much the bucket weighs when dry. Im just going once every 4 or 5 days with a gallon of water. First 2 pictures are of the same plant. 3rd picture is another plant i have that is not showing this issue. I am watering at 6.5 ph water phd after adding epsom salts for what i believe was a mag defficency. No nutes other than the mg soil slow release which i kind of regret using for my first grow. Temp stays around 72-82 degrees. Sometimes if the AC goes off it can hit 90 but i no longer shut off the AC. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  8. I know i have some nute burn as well.

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  9. Im leaning towrds light burn only because of the discoloring towrd the top

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  10. I think it's heat stress not light imo(wait for others though because I'm really not sure)... . All LED would do is bleach them white imo not all of that.. and as others have said definitely cut back on waterings that's half the issues. And maybe pickup a bottle of micronutes with lowww N if you don't have any.

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