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Anyone know what I would need for counselling?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TrendSetta, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. This is some bullshit my mum is going to counselling to learn about weed because she thinks ill die or ruin my life or some shit and even though I've tried to convince her otherwise she is having NONE of it. I just wondered if anyone has been to counselling before and what sort of nonsense they would say because I know they will probably be very misinformed. I will be bringing documentation along with me to prove most of the weed myths wrong but I was wondering if there is anything specific that they talk about which maybe wrong? Thanks a lot! :smoke:
  2. just keep telling the counselor they are wrong...

    or buy into it, get out of it and keep smoking
  3. Just be like "I dont give a fuck you stupid fucking whore." If its a woman and if its a man "I move a brick a day and make more money then you do." Either way it'll work.
  4. To be honest the only weed propaganda i remember from counseling was a video about some people that supposedly got cancer from smoking weed, but all the people in the film also smoked cigarettes at the same time so I feel like they really had no way to tell if the cancer came from weed or tobacco thus I considered the film irrelevant.
  5. Just have your mom watch "The Union: The business behind getting high". Literaly all you need to do. Also, check out Storm Crow AKA Grannys signature, she has loads of information.
  6. my favorite thing to say is "prove it". every time someone says something ignorant about cannabis, i tell them to prove it. after they cant give me something legit, i show proof directly contradicting what they believe.
    when u go with your proof, make sure u sound as educated as u really are. speak one fact at a time. preferably when they say something specific like "marijuana causes cancer" you say "no it doesn't. here's proof stating that it doesn't cause cancer, and after you read that, you could read this article about a situation when weed actually cured this persons cancer". it gives u more of an edge in defending yourself and weed than just blurting out the facts all at once.

    i remember one night, my little cousin, 16yrs old, kept telling me the regular BS like it causes lung cancer, kills brain cells, makes you worthless in society, ect. i told him to prove it. he couldnt legitimately prove his point. i proved mine. later that night, i had him trippin balls while watching half-baked. :hippie:
  7. Hell, if i knew Granny personally, i would just have her speak for me. She's probably the most informed person on this entire site. Definitely the most informed person I know about.

    Granny, if you are reading this, "I LOVE YOU!" :smoke:
  8. Your mother is wasting her money. The counselor, if it is a drug counselor or specialist of some sort, will be laughing on the inside and smiling and nodding on the outside. The counselor will probably know how very few negative effects marijuana has, and how many positive effects it has already, but if it will keep your mother coming back and spending money, they could be telling her anything. My friend's parents (back in high school), took him to a counselor when they found out he was smoking bud. He said that the counselor spouted a bunch of nonsense such as "dope is highly addictive" and "it is very common for marijuana to be laced with much harder drugs, such as cocaine and methamphetamine". They kept going back because the counselor told them that he would need a mental rehabilitation (which meant listening to the kind of blatant propaganda such as above for an hour and a half a week, at 60 dollars an hour). Don't let your mother get taken for a ride, have her watch The Union.

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