Anyone know what I should yield from this?

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    Can anyone tell me about how much yield I should get off of this plant, she's been flowering for 32 days under 600w LED in 5gal FF ocean Forrest and seems to be going good. I've done some topping and super cropping, there's 15 colas My highest yield so far has been 2.5 oz, hoping to get higher this time. What do you guys think?

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  2. Is it really just about yield they r some frosty lookin nugs mate and thats all that matters happy growin if i had to guess you wiil get 4oz plus though but without knowing genetics grow style enviroment it is only a guess good luck
  3. No, it's not all about the yield. I love growing and getting a higher quality product every grow, but hey we all want the highest yield possible.
  4. True mate true they lookin nice and frosty though keep up the good work looks quality to me
  5. Thanks bro. She's a bag seed of some mediocre bud, I'm surprised at the quality tbh
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  6. Even with mediocre can make something amazing, because IMO the only reason it was mediocre in the first place was on account of poor handling or growing anyway, not enough time and love put in.
    Yours already looks great. Just make sure you dry it right.
    Try to put aside at least a quarter ouce, so that you can see what it's like when you give something a long cure.
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  7. I usually dry for 7-10 days and cure about 2 weeks. I wanted to cure longer last time but didn't have much yield so it was gone quick.
  8. I usually dry for 7-10 days and cure about 2 weeks. Definitely agree, this looks nothing like the bud it came from. Did a little sampling and was couch locked all day lol the 15 collas were a surprise as well, best super cropping results I've had so far.
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