Anyone know what Deferred Prosecution Probation is

Discussion in 'General' started by Assad, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. I got arrested in the beginning of june or something right after school ended and I got pulled over with my girlfriend for speeding and then threw the weed out of my car. I bought an eighth the day before and we were planning on smoking the rest (2gs? it doesnt say on the court letter) that night. The bitch cop still found it when she pulled me over and searched my car and found traces of coke in my console and in my wallet, and my pipe with a scale. Spent the night in jail but I could have gotten super fucked but I didnt get charged with the coke, paraphrenalia or intent to sell, or the speeding ticket i was originally pulled over for. So my parents hired a lawyer and he says im meeting (i think a PO) for deferred prosecution program. Im going to have it for 6 months and was wondering if anyone has had it in texas? Do you get drug tested and how often? My meeting is february 14 i think so was wondering should i stop smoking before then? I think overall its a good deal so thats why im taking it rather than probation or jail and since its my first offence it gets removed from my record.
  2. Its the systems way of stealing your money...

    your going to pay like 50-100$ a month during those 6 months.. if you get it

    you can't be on it for a traffic related crap...thats why they didn't book you for it... theyll try to get you to admit to something with the drugs

    your going to have to admit and sign an agreement for the laws you broked... so they will be on your record...nothing ever leaves it just becomes harder for certain people to find

    and yah i dont rember much but my friend got the same thing and ended up with a good amount of legal fees and i think it was 100 and something community hours...

    have fun getting fucked in the system buddy XD
  3. Happens to all of us sooner or later.
  4. I was on deferred probation in Texas for possession under 2oz/evasion, and actually just got off last week!

    Since it was my first offence, I only had 15 hours of service. They also tested me every time I went (once a month), but since I passed every one and didn't fuck up, my PO cut my sentence in half, so I was out in 3 months.

    To be honest, I could have kept toking (low tolerance, low body fat) but I wanted to play it safe.

    Good luck bro

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